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Right? It's like when you met my, we don't belong. You met Josh Brolin backstage stand up to cancer in the little holding room. We're all the celebrities were. Let me tell you that was the most celebrity I've ever been around. I mean, we got frigging Thanos right there, right? And then there was other there was so Feo FIA from modern. Family, and then you got Maria menounos right over here and just, you know, people that people know mccully cock and MacAulay Culkin was in there. So and Josh Brolin facing away from me. And I'm like, gotta talk to him and maybe take a picture and send it to my kid and lily will freak out and you're very good in this in the setting. I do not enjoy. I'm not good at just going up and beginning to talk to you literally left that room and I ask genita- fine. You bring you back was very crowded. I'm very big, man. I'm like, I'm like a great Dane in the midst of a bunch of chihuahuas and end just I feel out of place. I just I gotta get out man, not only do you have a chip on your shoulder, but it's it is at a high elevation. You can't even see the chip because the shoulders above your face. But yeah, I'm self conscious too. So like I, I was like at the moment that I was about to say Josh and get him to turn around. I was so nervous that I was convinced that his name wasn't Josh. In your doubting yourself instead of saying, you know, I get that like name fright that. I'm like, I'm going to say the wrong name. So instead of saying any name at the last second, I was like, I think his name is Josh, in my right hand, went up and grabbed his Zolt touch than shoulder GRA I, I didn't tap it. I grabbed it and I was like, oh, I didn't. Hey, man, and he turned around and I was like. I think I said. I'm a, I'm a huge fan. I just wanted to meet you or something like that. And then I was like, then you came over there was like, can we get a selfie. And I was like Genoa's with us. Jenna. Can you take a selfie was like get? And then he laughed and said, she can't take a self because it would just be. So that's a photo, right, right. But then you also said, yeah, we're big on the internet. Yeah, set it as a self deprecating. I was selling heated. No, right. I've, I've known you for quite some time, so I knew exactly what you meant, but I knew that in typical link fashion only link and me knew what you meant and everyone around did not, right. So Josh Brolin says, it doesn't matter what he meant was I don't need you to be big on the internet to take a picture with me. Right. So then he puts his arms around ratios but also kind of embarrassed. He puts his arms around to take this picture, and then somebody walks by and he's like, these guys are big on the internet. Hey, but I got my picture me. You did. You did and we put it on every day..

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