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Oh, yeah. This is why there let's go back to know who knows isn't Instagram celebrity do not again. So she did an interview with Marie Claire because she is on the major circuit with her new book and Booker line target involve. On line. Right. So is the clothing line out when does. Yeah. She's done this before she's done things with them before. This is your second Chrissy, plus revolve. All right. So she says that it's really about what to wear when you're driving to preschool that is sort of. The major impetus for the collection. She wants to be able to pop out of the car hanging out with other moms and still look like she has her bleep going on. That's what she says. She didn't say bleep though. No, she didn't. And so she calls it effortless effortless chic now, the her favorite piece in the collection, which is available at revolve dot com and isn't super cheap. I mean, it's like, you know, two fifty and up. It's the black T duster. Now it helps to have legs because she's wearing. Whole vision is like cut off Jean shorts. It helps also to live in California. Cut up Jean shorts a t shirt, and then this black duster. It does the high. Leto sandals rats. That's what everyone wears to preschool off, isn't that? Yeah. All right. So they asked Chrissy for her Goto style tip. She said a boyfriend, gene. Low on the waist interesting because he's just really coming back low on the way, she said, she finds them two or three sizes up. She said, I don't know if it's just my changing body but boyfriend genes that making them slimmer and slimmer they're not what they used to be. It's supposed to look like, you bound appear your man's jeans. Just throw them on the knees, and she wants some extra big so feel free feel free. Piece that she would most loves for a lazy day outfit. Michelle have lazy days like Chrissy teigen's? Right. She said that ninety percent of her day is lazy and her favorite is her Elijah cardigans super cozy you can dress it up you can wrap it around you can wear it anywhere. It's I'm checking on the price for you right now. Okay. Oh, they're not again three twenty eight. Oh, I did not realize they were as expensive as longer but longer, and she's peering. It's interesting 'cause she's pairing the longer cardigan with a fuller cut, gene. I think a lot of times we think well longer sweater. We need like really skit out. But I think that that again depends on you if you're five feet tall that doesn't look. So good. You know? I mean, you do have to kind of take your own body into consideration. This is twinned planning these things I would say this is true. Home. What did you see her go through the haunted house for Ellen? I didn't know she in Andy Ellen's producer went through the haunted house. Didn't you say they do that every year? But not with her. This was the first thing she did she and her mother went through it was pretty funny Ellen and her mother, Kris..

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