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To do in a real crisis governor george pataki it was the gray governor new york the empire state from 1995 through twenty six is also an adviser do a group of puerto rico's general but gatien bondholders and more but animal and several times good man governor george pataki welcome again to the bill cunningham show a nice thing on with your bill governor before we talk about puerto rico i i would be remiss is my duties as a radio talk show host of bread no not to get your opinions and pick your brain little bit because you were there in the middle of your term one nine eleven struck new york which was the greatest catastrophe ever to hit our country outside the civil war and you also have uh watch katrina and now you're watching what's going on with harvey so what advisory council would you give the governor abbot about how to continue to handle these crises when we have katrina as a model that failed because mayor ray negga news now in prison for stealing money pursuant to katrina and the governor there kathleen blanco louisiana was largely dysfunctional state contingencies allott dysfunctional and therefore the quickly transferred to george borst the president failures months and months and months so uh.

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