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Support for this mpr podcast and the following message come from jamila woods a musician and poet born and raised in the south side of chicago her critically acclaimed debut album heaven is a collection of songs of self love love for chicago and love for the black women she calls friends heaven is powerful and empowering listen now on apple music federal prosecutors have suffered another serious setback in their attempt to convict the bundy family for leading armed standoffs against the government in the west a federal judge yesterday declared a mistrial in the conspiracy case against rancher clive and bundy two of his sons and another member of the bundy militia the judge said prosecutors had wilfully withheld evidence in the case of that two thousand fourteen armed standoff near the bundy ranch here's npr's kirk sigler for the bunte's this is a clear if partial victory a retrial could come early next year but for now outside federal court in las vegas klevan sun ammend sounded thrilled talking to reporters as his supporters collection pocketsize constitutions and streamed his comments on their phones and i think there is enough evidence there who appear that they wanted a confrontation this had been a central argument by the defense in a trial that the government not the bunte's were the ones actually doing the instigating leading up to the tense standoff so that the goods show the world or have an excuse to say look hiram bunny is violent 5 of buddy sons vital clive and bundy owes the government an estimated million dollars fines unpaid leases for grazing his cattle on us public land's he's defied court orders while also erroneously claiming the government had no right to manage the land and when all came to a head in april of 2014 when federal agents came to round up hundreds of his cows and they were met by an armed militia and stood down there are troves of video on social media showing bundy supporters pointing guns at government agents who were in riot gear but during the trial us judge.

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