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I wanted to turn to basically something more current, which is anti. Asian and anti-black sentiment you know recently there's been a lot of incidents of racism to talk about a lot of complicated conversations. According to the Stop, a API hate tracker there have been. Already seventeen hundred reported incidents of anti Asian hate crimes during the pandemic, and at the same time, the black community is hurting anew with the names of a Marbury beyond a Taylor George Floyd. How do you think government can address this stuff? First and foremost. Leaders have to speak truth about the fact that racism is real in America and has always been. And so it may be uncomfortable for people to speak much less here, but we can't ever get on the path of healing. If we don't speak that truth and these various incidents. Hate crime is not new against the community against black people in America against LGBTQ people, it's not new in fact as Attorney General California. One of my many responsibilities was to publish the hate. Crimes Report on a regular basis, the the anti-semitism. This stuff is not new in America. What is what is tragic is that it's not ending. It's not in we're and we're seeing a resurgence, and we see every so often, and so, what must the government do? Will leaders in the government wanted to speak the truth about it? And then there a number of things that we have to do it is certainly when we're talking about hate crime, and I say this perhaps is a former prosecutor who has prosecuted hate crime. There needs to be serious investigation of these cases meaning that when someone reports it, they must be taken seriously. They must be given dignity through the process, and then there must be serious investigation. These crimes and accountability and consequence and nat point is is more than a notion, because if someone who is an immigrant, if someone who speaks English with a heavy accent walks into a police department. It is a legitimate question to ask. Will they be taken seriously? Will they be treated with dignity? So these are real issues that have to be confronted in the overall process that means about training law enforcement that means about training prosecutors about the significance of hate crime. It means doing the outreach with communities that are reluctant to report it because they believe one, it is natural. It keeps happening and happened to their friends and happen to their cousins, and happened to their aunties and uncles, and it just happens. To. They may feel that if they reported. Nothing will happen in three for some many Asian cultures. It's not supposed to be about you, and so people feel that they have to subordinate some times what has been a personal affront for the sake of the community, and what might result in bringing law, enforcement and government into the community for the purposes of an investigation, so that has to be about training of. Of Law enforcement has to outreach to communities where communities have the ability to report these things in a way that they will be treated with dignity. There is the work that needs to be done about speaking about America's history on race. You know we know that the Chinese Americans built help build California into what it is built the railroads, but yet on the books on the long were forbidden own property. You can look at Japanese interment. We can go on and on down the list right and so there's the piece of it also has to be about education and reminding. Our Country of where we've been recently on a lot of these issues, and in so these are some of the things that I think about and then the last piece, which is equally important as anything else. We need equal representation among people who are in positions of power so that they will understand they will reflect the diversity of who we are as a country, and they will also speak. To the issue, but it should not be incumbent on just a an API elected official to do the work of speaking out against these injustices but I will tell you guys I mean on that point in terms of what's happening in the Senate what's happening around some of the stuff you know Congresswoman Mang and I have a resolution that is about denouncing Asian. Anti Asian sentiment caused by the coronavirus amazing Hirano, the senator from Hawaii, and and and Tammy Duckworth from Illinois. We have a full resolution that's condemning Asian crime and in terms of Asian. anti-asian hate crime, and and basically calling on public officials to denounce racism and xenophobia and anti Asian sentiment but we also need to push that all leaders speak out against us in that is just not on the shoulders of those of us who come from these communities to speak about it. Well that's exactly right and I think for us, too. You know along that thought comes the of interrogating one's own community about racism. You know the anti blackness within the Asian American community for example leading to hopefully a more uniform solidarity more unity across communities. But we could talk to you for hours about all of this stuff but we wanted to squeeze in before we go are bad Asian confession segment in which we share time or an experience and Franken I've shared so many of these where something had made feel like a bad Asian. We do this so that we can all impact it together. It's like a it's like a group Hug. It's like group therapy. We wanted to know what is one of yours senator. Oh! Okay, Well one is I didn't realize that it was more than something my mother did. Like for my entire life up until last year I didn't realize that it was apparently a thing to put Indian spices in tasters. Choice Coffee Jars. We had a whole spice cabinet full because she would drink. Taste destroys coffee which was. Basically spoon out with the Cup pour hot water? And she would have that every morning literally. Don't talk to mommy until she's had her coffee and it was tasteless. Choice coffee well if you looked in the spice cabinet. Like big things of tumor, big things of human big things with muster receive all in tasters. Choice containers. These glass containers with this twist top. And then I was with on a pretty a very well known actor and comedian, and we were cooking together. We were making those together, and she pulls out this vice. This and they were all in tasters. Choice containers. And she and I had the biggest laugh because she didn't know either that this apparently thing among I guess the in her parents are father and my mother were into the same generation. That's one I. Guess the other one. It's a very. I've never confessed this, but we would always challenge members of my so. Indians cannot pronounce doubly. We would sometimes challenge like my grandmother pronounced. That's awful and I'm sure we're the only bad. I am so sure you are not. Just said that I've never said that out loud..

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