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As my time once. I met him. I'll tell you it. All kind of fell apart and it became very myopic. Will be looking at it from as much as i can gather from other interviews and things you've done and things have been written about. It does seem like you. Come out of north western. You've got your degree pretty quickly. Let's go to new york. Let's see what we can do with this An acting you know for for a living and it was kind of a rude awakening in a sense right. Oh yeah it was really rude. We i mean. I went home for the summer after graduating and i was a waitress in a middle. Eastern restaurant called aladdin's unfortunately called aladdin's in cleveland heights. And my mom gave me the biggest tip that i had gotten the entire summer. She don't. She ordered the only bottle of wine that had ever been purchased a lattice and my husband then boyfriend now hubby at a u-haul and he he drove from evanston illinois which is where northwestern isn't and he swung by and pick me up and then we just moved to new york. Having no idea where we're gonna stay. We had found a really cheap hotel called the jane street. Hotel with this is before we in the angry inch was performing there. It was a truly rude awakening like we went and you had to. You had to rent towels. We heard for real gunshots outside. My husband remembers calling our parents on the pay phone in the in the lobby. To tell them that we were okay and he said someone a woman come out of a room with the dixie cup filled with something and throw it in and he said he saw it like swing in front of his face and it was just clearly filled with urine just like space. That was my mom. Was like bring flip flops. Because she knew it was a shared bathroom scenario. And i was like i flip. Flops aren't gonna cut it. Like i needed to have that suit and the goal but.

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