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I think there is. If there is one organization that could take him there. I do think it's the Steelers. Um okay. Right. Unfortunate. We can't do it. But, you know, we wish him all the well and it's big Ben can take him there and, you know, give him the lesson. He needs to learn a all all all the power tune. But, you know, I hope we hope change young still see him. And put in the dirt. As long as you can. All right. Well, thank you. Wonderful calling up from Annapolis. Mm. Dwayne Haskins. Is that where Steelers want to put their hopes? And is he, the guy that Steelers fans look at and say? I hope it works out. What else would you have hoping right now? You don't Where the hell do you where if you have the Pittsburgh Steelers? Where the hell do you get a quarterback from? You can't get one this season. You're drafting 24th. What do you hope for? Jones out Alabama you you hope for him is what is that like consolation prize? You think about some of the players that they've drafted over the years over the past 10 years? The steel is drafting quarterbacks We all know Mason route off is not the answer. It's a damn shame what he's probably most famous for right now is taking Ah, helmet over the head via Miles, Gary That sucks. No quarterback wants to be known by getting abused by defensive lineman let alone for play that has nothing to do with actual football play. Josh Dobbs, a Landry Jones I feel like I've seen more of these guys back in college like Tennessee and Oklahoma. Then I've seen of them professionally. I'm not sitting back, checking out a stealer preseason games, the fourth preseason game pretty much checked out already. I'm waiting on the real football. I'm waiting on the regular season. Ben Roethlisberger has been the man that has been behind center the entire time him. Nobody else. But you know what? Nothing lasts forever. And when you have that superstar quarterback leave It's not so easy replacing him. The West that of Bill Belichick guy. He's looking for a quarterback again, another off season. It's not gonna be Cam Newton. The Indianapolis Colts looking for that quarterback. These are two organizations that have trotted out a Tom Brady who have trotted out and Andrew luck. And before that, a Peyton Manning forever for the last 20 years. Ben Rob Lowe's Berg. He's basically been around Justus long getting coming out in 2000 and four It's time to move on. The Steelers. They're just, unfortunately, probably stuck. It may have to hit the skids next year. In order to improve a position to eventually get a quarterback. Not everybody could hit the quarterback jackpot like the Jacksonville Jaguars it they got an easy choice. The choice is pretty much been made for them with Trevor Laurence. Steel has got to figure out what they want to do. We got a lot of callers on the line. We'll take a break. Come back with your calls. You know the number here on CBS Sports Radio 855 to 1 to four. CBS does 855 to 1 to four. CBS will also have a conversation with someone who played for 10 years. In the NFL. He knows about ups. He knows about downs. He also knows about that. Washington football team. His name is Jason Campbell Moore Jr Sport pre show here with you on CBS Sports radio When we Come back. Saving money can seem daunting. So most of the time.

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