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Coming up at the top the hour all you need to know about the Packers alliance the Vikings the bears coming up at the top of the hour right here on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app we also tales from the hood an hour from now tales from the hood Leon Rogers from WG see I was going to be with us Leon is got a special show he's got going on fox actually track him down you know he's a he's an FM DJ so he gets real busy he gets the easily distracted also we'll hear from motley are coming up in an hour from now right here on ESPN one thousand good how are you today because this meeting she's weak because we are talking about the bears the Packers are you excited because I am I'm really excited about what we could see coming up on Thursday because there's been so much conjecture so much hand wringing on what to risky is what's risky is not are trying to figure out what the bears are with the bears are not one of things I know what the bears are is a team that is still trying to find their way to the legacy that Rogers has built with Green Bay in but even before that right far. so. Aaron Rodgers can walk away from the game tonight if they have had enough with his handlebar mustache and walk away into the sunset right into a blazer into camp. but Aaron Rodgers just like Brett Farr house scene was stand transition was from a winning Green Bay teens Rogers taking over and the winning ways continue for years the bears have been the nail and the Packers have been the hammer. and even with everything that the Packers have gone through is not been smooth sailing it seems like smooth sailing from this end of the rivalry right as a bears fan but the Packers have had their issues as well the Packers have won one. Super Bowl championship Andrea Rogers justanswer Brett farb did as quarterback leading that Packers team in his era. well we got a Mike said those piece from yes from the athletic formally from ESPN we talked about it in the summer about the quarterback two years and I love the quarterback tears you go through our archives of the under the hood podcast web you download the podcast with under the who what job hood this download it in that way you can be able to hear all episodes. and one of them is the tears are here is one of the episode names we have the tears are here if you find that you can click on that and go back to lose to my show from early this summer the tears are here because Mike Sando. always talks to executives and former players and they put together the twenty nineteen quarterback tears fifty five coaches and executives rank the NFL starters. as far as quarterbacks in so we talked about how tricky is a tier three quarter back just based on this list but in that tier one the number one quarterback on this list was the Rogers. Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the NFL not from your fantasy standpoint not from your bias standpoint but is in Rogers the best quarterback in the NFL well Mike Sando writes this piece about Iraqi says Rogers has at least tied for the top six spots in six years of the quarterback tears you have been at these in the top spot six times. and so. this anonymous GM says is always to Thompson's fall or Mike McCarthy's fault and when it goes to these two peoples fault then you makes you wonder life so pretty much this person saying you know why the Packers underachieved how come they haven't been in the mix with the Superbowl is this GM is this head coach now just like in the spotlight a travesty there's a spotlight on Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback for this Packers team because there's a new man in town and that guy is not Mike McCarthy but it is metal floor the new head coach for the Green Bay Packers and so. there's been several story lines where the Packers this summer. one of them is Aaron Rodgers talking to Chris Simms Chris Simms former quarterback now we're gore bleacher report in CVS. and there was this kind of whispering conversation that was caught on tape on film. Roger say you know I really just kind of like to audible do my own thing in metal floor doesn't like the audibly he doesn't like that very much in the second thing is is that metal floor says I like to be able to in practice scrimmage with other teams and riders like I hate scrimmages with other teams because of injury blah blah blah so there's a disconnect in that kind of a difference of philosophy on what Rogers once resort metal floor once now let's go back in here from that low floor from earlier today that low floor the coach for the Packers gives a starts about Rogers in audibly because as you well know watching their Rogers over the years Rogers will look to the sideline whatever McCarthy what type into this headphones and say no I see a witness to the bears defense let's go this way or let me run this way because I know the tendencies he would sometimes do it I don't know why on purpose we did it because he's smart he did because he was good so listen to it so what metal for sense about the audibly form Aaron Rodgers and how much of features defense well we'll see coming up on Thursday..

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