Miandi, Boston Dynamics, Time Magazine discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)


Yeah now he's welcome anytime boston dynamics is not sponsored us but if the if the atlas wants to come on look either as miandi is when we talk about them all the time beyond these cannot like rip my head off my body and put it on its own head and do back by the way rational security this week not sponsored by boston dynamics not sponsored by a hint hint we we can do backflips to tomorrow with your after my object is a sobering one but i think when that's worth your time which is a a letter that was released this weekend reported on by time magazine signed by two hundred twenty three women who are either current or former national security officials across the us government i am one of the two hundred twenty three um writing an open letter about sexual assault and sexual harassment in national security in the pentagon the in the national security council staff the intelligence community the state department and also in the national security world outside government and um i i think we were driven to write this letter first because there is so much of the public conversation around sexual harassment has focused on media personalities and entertainment a actors and and things like that but i it this is something that happens everywhere it happens on farms it happens in schools and it happens in the national security committee to and it's also you know the national security environment is one that is already challenging for women in a lot of ways and the burden of living with daytoday gender in equity and sexual harassment sexual assault and the way that they create a hostile workplace actually derives women out of the field and so you know one of the points that the letter makes is that the the pipeline is not the central problem in achieving gender equity in national security there if you look at for example the graduate schools of international affairs in most of them women are either half or more than half of the student body and women are getting hired into the national security world but they were leaving.

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