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Break I swear it's really the words that resonate for so many of us this year What do they mean to you Honestly for me it really talks about the African American experience And we bend we don't break You know we had so much pushback and it had been so many people against us And so even during the storm there might be high winds but the winds don't break the tree We just sway because our route runs so deep and our roots are our foundation And I just think it's such a powerful piece Okay let's contrast that with an opera about the black experience by a white composer Porky and Bess was written by George Gershwin back in 1935 Let's listen to Marin alsop conducting She is the first woman to lead a major symphony orchestra I'll stop step down this year from the Baltimore symphony podium that's your home orchestra Here's the operas most famous song summertime I mean this is music that I grew up around for a long time Especially summertime Also I just think this is incredible recording just these highlights of porgy and Beth You know maren I'll stop at one of my mentors and actually even one of my teachers And this is a full circle moment for me anyways because during this recording my little sister was actually in the choir the Morgan State University choir We recorded this And then I also thought it was really cool as well because I'm angel blue who's a soloist was also a soloist and fire shut up in my bones so also props Great connection It was a great moment of the year Speaking of Marin allsop you also take note of a new documentary about her It's called the conductor I think I.

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