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About put this one away. So it's critical for Auburn to try to stay in the ball game to hold them to a field goal or less, but Kellen mine just picking up a first down as they continue to move down to the red zone. Leading Auburn twenty four to fourteen but eleven forty five to play nights. Syracuse has given up some points to Wake Forest, but the good news is their offense is clicking late third quarter. In Winston Salem. Here's Kevin Casey. Right. Rich will Wake Forest has just gotten back to a to score game. Thanks to Sam Hartland, a true. Freshman quarterback hitting Greg Dort small town of Richmond Virginia. It's now thirty five twenty four three thirty eight to go third quarter. Just for Hartman. An earlier touchdown pass this quarter to Scotty Washington. But Syracuse has been effectively running the ball most of the day on the ground. Neil. What's a touchdown Jarvi on Howard to one yard touchdown runs? Chris Elms more with the five yard run into latest. Syracuse score was aired Dungy over one hundred yards rushing on the day of twenty six yard touchdown run for the orange and they are getting the ball. Look like a touchdown. He touchback here. So get them the ball round the twenty five yard line three thirty eight to go third quarter. Syracuse thirty five week four twenty four. Thank you very much. The Jeff rap in Columbus. The most interesting game of the day and a slim lead for the buckeyes. Here's jeff. Yeah. Hi state with a twenty three twenty one advantage late in the third period here, rich. This is a strange up and down somewhat patchy and yet exciting football game from start to finish their bar does shoot out that we thought might develop between freshman Adrian Martinez and sophomore Wayne Haskins hasn't quite materialize in the second half. Asking check on Ohio state's I drive in the end zone and Martinez. Nebraska's freshman has endured a couple of drops one by big bone is running back or they would have converted a third down in another deep all the JD skillman that would have been a huge play and possibly a touchdown. So Nebraska trying to get things back aligned offensively. The huskers were down sixteen seventy six game came back to the lead at halftime. And then the Buckeye finally did answer on their second drive of the second half and each play eighty yard drive caps off. By touchdown run. By j k Dobbins or other running back. Mike Weber had a key run in that drive at twenty seven change of direction, beauty and also the Cornhuskers helped out a little bit with a personal foul penalty on that drive. So we've had turnovers penalties blocked punch muffed punts in all kinds of other fun stuff here. Ohio stadium today the buckeyes we twenty three to twenty one three twenty eighth ago. Third period. All right. Thank you. Jeff. And right now, Michigan state has just scored again to open up a twenty four three lead over Maryland. Coming up tonight. It'll be Utah state going up against whole why on the road and what a great season and has been for the aggies or off to a seven and one start the best start since one thousand nine hundred sixty five that only loss coming back in the opening week in east Lansing at Michigan state. They are currently ranked eighteenth a people, and I had a chance to catch up with Matt wells their head coach I talked to him about how well they're playing in all three phase of the game. If the envision this type of season back in the summertime. Well, I'm not sure rich that you envision it the whole year you visualize it kind of team that you're trying to have and your leadership and all that. And so the question marks that you don't ever know. Nobody does to me in the summertime is the. Chemistry the leadership overcoming some adversity. How many injuries not am? I gonna have any. But how many to who how long are they out for you know, and then how your team's gonna react? And and how the backups are gonna play. That's the stuff. Nobody knows in the summer. What you did know is I didn't know this. I knew we were talented. I knew we had a talented bunch coming back. I really felt like they had taken a step forward in their in their development in the spring. A lot of them individually. Even though they were, you know, a year experienced I thought they'd got better, and we had some talented transfers become ineligible a graduate transfer a couple of freshmen recruits that we're going to be good. But how quickly could they I mean, that's the stuff you have no idea about I've been very thankful and very pleased with our our captains are our leadership. I think that's been excellent. We all come from a bunch of injuries on defense early in the year. And so our ability to do that has been very good. I remember watching the season opener in the narrative was boy did Michigan state played poorly. Another slow start for the Spartans. But I thought to myself watching that night dean their planes, pretty good. And even though you came up short that night in east Lansing. What did that game mean to this team moving forward? Well, actually, think Michigan state played pretty good. They want it. Then I can tell you this. And that was one of the few games that I've been here at Utah state, and I've been here. Eight years now that we've gone into a big time opponent on the road. And we played them close. But the other couple times we'd lost it. And we didn't lose that one in east Lansing. They want it that was a good team, and they played well, and and they found a way to get a stop against us on the last drive of the game. And they made plays down a touchdown with you know, less than five minutes to go in the game. And and that big number eighteen that wideout made some great plays in the work. You did too. So I I didn't feel like we lost it. I thought they want it. And what we took out of that game was absolutely not a moral victory. But more than that is that we took confidence out of there. And I think that ignited our passion and to practice great the next week. Our our passion to prepare for the next opponent. And we came out and played a great game. The next week against an opponent that had beaten us in a bowl game the year before dog with Utah state head coach Matt wells, a big one coming up against Hawaii team that can put up a lot of points. It's a long trip, and as we all know Hawaii a very nice place to visit. What do you tell your team this week? Well, keep the main thing the main thing and control what you can control. And that's our preparation especially Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday when we're still here in Utah and everything that we're going to do from getting your body right training room, you're lifting, you know, football junkie. So watching extra tape before the meetings after the meetings, and then practicing that a high high level I thought yesterday practice was really good. It was fast. And so those are the kind of things you can control what you can't control is the distractions on Waikiki. The plane, you know, the travel which will could go bad. It went bad on us four years ago. But I think we've we've been over this'll be my third time over as a Utah state coach over there a few other times as as an assistant at other schools, but I think we've got a good plan here. And and if we continue to follow it, you know, I think we'll be give ourselves a chance to to compete really well Saturday night last week in a sixty one nineteen victory at three scoring drives that lasted under a minute and seventeen for the season. How do you get to the point? Or that point where you're just so efficient. Oh, I honestly if I if I know the answer to that, then we'd have gotten there a lot sooner. I'm proud of our offense. We have you know, scored quickly on some of those possessions. Like, you just mentioned a lot at some of those actually are reflective of our special teams play in our defense giving us the ball. And and you know, a shorter field or shorter field position. And then offense, you know, having explosives really quicken. The drive Jordan love has become a dominant quarterback in college football. He's won ten games since being inserted as the starter. What stands out about him the most that makes him such a winner. Well, a few things I think he's very calm and cool on the field, and he's very composed in and do not for one second get that confused with not being competitive, he has an internal desire and a fire to be and he's extremely competitive young, man. And he's extremely smart young, man. He spends a ton of time in our building and our complex learning what we're doing. He knows that lacked the back of his hand, and you can see that in that's evidence. And and a lot of ways notably. I mean his ability to get to his third and fourth and fifth option in the passing game. As a former quarterback yourself. What is the one quality that you're looking for in that position more than anything else? Well, oh, shoot. I don't think you honestly, I don't think you can pinpointed on one thing. I'll try to give you one that's kind of intrinsic in one that's physical. You know, the first physical quality, and I would take over anything. His accuracy. I believe in accuracy over arm strength. I believe great footwork gives you great accuracy. I believe your brains. Give you a little bit better chance to be more accurate because you know, we're, you know, you're you're throwing on time. You know, where your third your fourth option is where your dumped down is where your heart is. So I believe that all leads to accuracy, that's the first physical quality. I'd give you and then the, you know, the one quality that I think is the most important to a quarterback is you gotta have the ability to make the other ten guys around you play great in play better than they really are. And you can't really put a finger on that. And is that Mojo is that the quarterbacks competence is that as swag is it as production. You know, what it's every bit of its every one of those you can't have confidence and swag without being productive as a quarterback. But it's the ability to make the other ten guys around you play a little bit better. And as they run onto the field with you. They're like, yeah. He's. The man and the in. We're going to go score or we're gonna win as long as I got him. We're gonna win that's a phenomenal -bility in that, you know, a lot of that's leadership too. But there's a lot of things that go into that. But it's just an ability to raise the level of the other ten guys around you talking with Utah state head coach Matt wells, the aggies seven one and getting ready to take on Hawaii. You talked earlier about chemistry and leadership and overcoming adversity and just alluded to some of those qualities just a moment ago. So how much does experience of this team factored into this their success as you look up and down the line of a lot of returning players from a year ago. Yeah, great question. And I think I think there's a legit that's legit factor in the success that we're having right now, you know, last year, we started the fourth highest amount of first year starters in the country so a ton. And then, you know, consequently, you know, or whatever that may not be the right word. This summer. I get told you got the, you know, eighteen returning starters. That's the fourth highest in the country. And I'm like, well, duh. I had the fourth youngest team in the country last year. But the thing is what I said to our players all spring and all summer, they took to heart. Just because we've got a lot of guys back that didn't guarantee you anything and guarantee you wins. Michigan state doesn't care BYU. Don't care, you know, the mountain west doesn't care. It's Ken those guys that have experienced get a little bit stronger a little bit faster and a little bit better. We needed every one of those guys to take a step forward in their development and their individual games. I believe we have collectively. And then you add some new recruits a grad transfer wide out a couple of other transfers on defense that sat out last year and some younger players that are being developed in moving and coming up. I think you've got yourself a, you know, a better football team. I don't wanna be remiss and leave out the defense because St. -fensive Lee you've been just as good as what you've putting up on the scoreboard and a new defensive coordinator comes in and Keith Patterson this year you've taught force Twenty-one turnover. So far. What has been the difference from a year ago? I think maybe just a renewed focus on on what we do how we do it. So it was renewed focus on fundamentals of stance alignment, where do your eyes go tackling. And then that and then a renewed focus on scheme of tropic, probably streamline and a little bit of what we've done cutting some of the fat out and really get into the nuts and bolts of this defense, which is essentially been the same for you know, since I was a coordinator here under Gary Anderson, Dave Aranda was with me as a coordinator a random. I put it in. And it's kinda the nuts and bolts of the scheme in the last seven years has really been about the same. That's not a bad staff. If I don't. And everybody has done pretty well. It's good to see as we talk with Matt wells who's doing quite well for himself right now at seven and one of the Utah state aggies ranked eighteenth in the nation in the latest eight people you're now going to be in the month of November where there are very little secrets in college football..

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