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Be pretty sluggish trip to about Skirball center that find that getting towards a westell and actually so far south Pensacola looks to be running at least a little better than the freeway well the west on one oh five already had the typical pattern of flowing and getting more of the six o'clock the little heavy a little have you get around the seven ten through Lin wood and again from the one ten over to Crenshaw our next report six thirteen I'm Jennifer York more tropical force more often can't extend seventy newsradio sunny skies here in southern California today small colossal fog depending on where you are maybe somewhere on the counselor is today eighties downtown later today some of these to the beach is currently down an alley it sixty nine degrees six oh seven it's a first in the country first in west Hollywood a cannabis cafe and not everybody's excited about this one let's say get the story live from we all this morning can extensively scraping there yeah they're expecting us to open up in a few months people be able to kick back enjoys designer food and at the same time smoke weed this cannabis cafe approved it'll be on the west side of la Brea this is at Lexington and it does just happen to be across the street from a synagogue there was a council meeting last night rabbi from the synagogue really did her best to get the council to vote no on this we are deeply concerned about this business and this outdoor space and smoke clouds of cannabis that will limit the usage of our outdoor space well west Hollywood councilmembers after hearing the arguments from public comment did vote unanimously to give this cannabis cafe a one year license of the owners argued that they've got this amazing air filtration.

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