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You get track position while I've been lucky, you know places where we've kind of needed the track position we've had good draws on a place where it hasn't mattered too much. It hasn't affect US too bad granted. You Know Texas and Kansas, you need track position there we we had some good restarts were able to get up there pretty quick but plays like homestead or Kansas I hate to say it but I. Enjoy when I see I dropped twenty, four, th through twenty third I'm like ecstatic 'cause we're that far back. You know that there's some people aren't GonNa jump the third lane right away and you can just pass ten twelve cars like in the first five, six labs in its blast I. Honestly love it like I I I wish I could start last to Kansas Homestead Chicago land. I would enjoyed like I'd love it starting last unless I got other than that. It's so much fun to start back there. It's bless your crushing all of the people who say but you can't pass in this package that makes no sense. Why would you not the front you? It's frustrating at times it the tracks with multiple groups you can't pass at times if your car is only go to one lane and someone figures it out, they can just run your lane. Going to pass them. You see that more when people run defense like me I guess you know I can only run the fence to pass you all. You have to run the fence and I'll run three tenths slower I stole barely around you but. He's like Texas Kentucky indy yet it's really hard to pass I. Think I was eight tenths of a second faster a lap than. Ty Dillon. Catch Him and I run his speed. Like I mean I'm running down my I'm GonNa pass him so easy I get to I can't pass it. Dover was that way it seemed like I. Didn't experience that last year thankfully but. With low downforce there. So it should be a lot more fun I mean, Hey, these guys are cup guys. Cars are equal clean air matters. No matter what it's. Whether people want to admit it or not. Cleaners mattered all the way back into the nineties. All way back to nineteen eighty six when I had to throw. We've plates on the cup cars at Talladega, because wherever was leader has cleaner and he was dragging everybody else struggling for grip so..

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