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You know whatever course they take in and a lot of times. It's sort descend by search volume for how they decide what they're going to write and what we found is just a doesn't work makes you susceptible to competitive factors and it doesn't really cover the whole journey that you're trying to cover with content so there's three ways to think about your content strategy. There is the. Let's call it the awareness driving. Maybe your pr team looking at traffic. Your seo teams looking at rankings and trying to figure out how to optimize for google in your demand gen team is thinking about. Well what's getting across the finish line in reality. You need all three of those to be effective driving organic traffic in the drive awareness in the to nurture your leads and obviously you want to drive revenue. You need to think about the bottom of the funnel you mentioned sorting by will. What's driving traffic or sorting by ranking. What's the kpi that you should be looking at to figure out effective content strategies yen. And that's a beautiful question because it's that's the difficult divide on these seats and one of the core reasons why we mark abuse was to get all those teams working together and focused on what it means like. We want to represent our business really. Well we want to become authorities on topics we care about and when everybody can get aligned on the fact that it's not just one page two one word it's about a collective of content crosses you may need early stage awareness contents. That's ziprecruiter bill. So that it's attractive to a total novice. You may need it for a particular industry. You may need early-stage awareness content for experts in your field. Depending on how novel your approaches or knobbly solution services. And then the zine thing for middle of on-scene thing for bottom of the falls and the days of one word to one page as a process have frankly. They've never been legit for at least ten years. But would you often find is people could so afraid of letting the team coverage topic comprehensively. Ross lots of agents the myth of cannibalization. This glitch that you get these sites that don't cover the talk at all or they don't have a big chunks of intense missing the big jumps of the funnel and or they're fighting over the you know which side so basically the practical application of this is to say if we want to cover this comprehensively. We need to have early. Stage awareness content middle of funnel. Late-stage remaining industry specific or persona specific we may need beginner intermediate novice. We like any type of women you could slice it to be able to compete on a particular topic. We may need a huge foundation of content. The covers everything underneath it based on the competitive landscape and based on existing gardens so the kpi that everybody needs to get connected. Who is that. They're providing a package of content that exhibits companies expertise and tells the world that they know what they're talking about. And then everyone that's gonna come to. That site can make their way throughout that journey whether they're early-stage awareness and plus the forgotten part of the journey which this is the part you didn't mention and a lot of teams struggle with is post purchase trouble-shooting or post purchase champion development. People that have already bought your products. You need to cultivate those experiences to because what are they want to know. How do they want. It's endlessly learn at anytime your company you need to be there on both the troubleshooting and the post purchase i call it. Emboldening or champion development onset. That's the way you cover the top accomplishments. Let's lead generation and more customer nurturing but does that an seo strategy once somebody has become a customer. They still looking on google for a resource to understand how to use your products or services or is that more of kind of a retention and email marketing type thing. It's absolutely jimmy. Is both of those things. But it is absolutely a surgeon. John visitation strategy so many teams have cordoned off help sections of their site and they don't know what to do with them. I mean i've worked with teams extensively is one of the most if you wanna hot tip. If you're value websites a lot of times. We love hot tips. Fire away completely. Devalued forums are completely devalued because their click through rates on ads are typically very low so their contribution to evaluation of website is very low a. forums and high-quality online help sections or user generated content. Sections could can be major value sources of fuel sources for editorial content. Because if you're forum is a expert on a particular style of laptop let's say you inlet say your editorial team doesn't right about that will you're gonna have a lot easier time building a cluster of content relates to that. Maybe it's going from. What is this. Comparison reviews all the way down the funnel. You can have a huge power source from those types of offerings also. It's a way to make sure you can't control the journ if you are a beat tech for example and you don't people go to g. to crowd you're sorely mistaken if you don't think they go to capterra you're sorely mistaken right not read intech target. You can't control the whole funnel and so you wanna be in as many places as you can. And that's where a lot of people fall short with trouble-shooting champion development. And what the people who are doing champion development really well tend to jokes on everybody and be affiliates for the products that they're using and people are reading about other people who are creating having the successful experience but it's also people who are in early early stage awareness the same content that can embolden a recent user. That's navy struggling to adopt can be very powerful for early stage awareness as well so we i. It's the hold on the cool part about that is when the search engines are calculating authoritativeness. They're looking at your entire site. They're also looking at it incite sections to understand the topic site session combinations and where you have strengths and where you have we insist and so having that coverage both across the channel specific topic specific industries tells the story that you've got the breads and the depth of coverage which is an important part of the story for. We're gangsters performance. Yeah you know. I think of what you're talking about specifically ready to what will call customer marketing as opposed to lead marketing or customer. Seo for some reason that the site that comes to mind is go daddy right. Lots of forums. Lots of examples lots of content. That's user generated. They've got a great community all of that's credible and searchable and so when you're thinking about well we're sti- by domain or what are the services will go daddy shows up a ton in seo for all of that content of monday dot com a tool that we use pretty regularly. Also you know. They've got some help sections but often their users are writing in trying to solve people's problems. How do i use this type of formula or this tool creates user generated content and it serves both purposes. If i'm trying to figure out if the tool can do you know abyan z. Function you know. When i'm searching as a prospect or is it a customer that content's relevant and so google sees that looks at the click through rates and then all of a sudden they start to pick up some ranking into market share. Just look at the search engine optimization profile of a site like stack exchange how. They done what they've done with the capterra ritchie to at target to some extent which is the company iran in house for almost eight years two hundred sixty websites full gamut coverage cross the by cycle aggravates early stage. What is all the way down to trouble shooting center teams..

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