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Mckee. But i mean listen. I've seen pit bulls pimple longtime ago. He got stopped by benson anderson. Mainly because it's like daniel strauss who is an animal pressure. Fighter beat him. He originally lost his title. Shot back in the day. This has to be like damn your decade ago to pack current in a competitive fight pressure fighter. He has lost. Some clothes fights to guys pressure him. That's not to say that. He has fought pressure fighter since he choked out strauss in their rematch. I mean he talked about ran through. Michael chandler one arch letter pressure guy. Beat him over five rounds so it's one of those men to beat him. You really gotta be in his face twenty five minutes throw hands no fear and that's a dangerous way to live against this version of pit bull dog. I don't know i'm gonna pick mckee for this one single reason because of mckee wins it opens the division back up again now you got a lot of contenders you can find them. You may have even have rematch. Pit-bull if pit bull wins. Oh fuck he fights like he's he's beat everybody he just wanted to grand prix tournament as the champ. I honestly have no idea if wins. I guess next week show will be. Where does he rank it. Mma pow pound period. If he does mckee we gotta have that conversation. What mckee wins mckee makes things so much more interesting because yes pit bulls billion been ability for a long time. He's the best fighter along at one of their longest tenured fighters. He's pretty much done at all. If the key wins and him up it is what you kind of mentioned like john jones. It's like oh shit. they have their. They have their guy. He's undefeated he's charismatic. He and he can fucking fight. They will now have their guy. They can hit their wagon to the mvp in work. They've tried it which handler he's gone. You know then he bargaining guys like you know you have move sassy. Yeah that's great. You have ryan better. And he got dusted up in the light heavyweight thing but you have a guy that is yours that people have been able to witness from the bottom up. Strictly come up. You try to air. A pico is going to take him a little while but mckee. That's the guy if he beats put pit bull. It opens up so much shit. And i guarantee you that there'll be so many outlets shows talking about mckeon like well. Shit you see the best by the way in the world now probably vocal asking. Can ortega and max holloway. Yeah that's great without this. This do mckee savage fucking savage someone to pick mckee. I don't know if he can out. Strike pit bull. But then i don't even know if he could choke out the bulls underrated when it comes to be jj. I don't know this is a toss up. I'm just picking mckee. 'cause i wanna see chaos word. That's that's my only reasonably repegging that fight as well and then with the ufc. I mean we've we've had two cards. Last week's car wasn't bad right. But it's one of those where it's like. do i really care. Macy barbara got a decision. Probably she didn't deserve probably still a two to one fight isn't like she should have got skunked on the cards. No not her the wrong one. Yeah they gave her the raw scorecard. I mean you know then she shouted out basically did or canaan speed going on speech after that if the kids what the fuck who what is going on here so No she shouldn't have. But i will not say that car was a really good car. The last week card the Costa fight was really good. The pipe affiliates fight was really. Good darren elkins. I don't know how this damage guy took it asks in the first row bleeding came back out. This fucking guy comes back from the dead all the time in to make it a fight I'm a mom beating. It's the way he did that. Dude looks like a problem in middleweight. They they have. This was a good car to showcase. Some talent and the main event was exceptional. But then you saw mickey goal to by the way your makida fight this weekend's card your at hall i don't care. Nobody's watching the ship. This is the one week that the uc's like we're just gonna take. The dale was watching the ship. I mean and again they lost three fights to to the own not even not even that they lost tanio to wait cutting issues. Here's here's something that's fun about this nico matan. You is off the car because away. Cutting issues. Right next week a documentary is going to be released starring nico montagna and guess what it's about cutting await omar god tie irony positive light. No but one of my boys used to do videos for greg jackson. He's done like ma documentaries. You hit me up. He was like yeah. We're doing a screening in vegas with nico montagna. Oh you know. It's about way cutting and he hit me like earlier this week and he was like. Can you come through. And i'll say. I don't know because i don't house and then i saw him didn't make weight and i was like wait a minute. Wait you just going to release this shit. The money's been spent like is. That's wild documents on way cutting. You don't make weight incredible. Maybe the documentary. Who knows maybe listen. It could like the baby to be part of a release fled as part of the rollout. A ms wait by seven pounds. Build some buzz for this Dive you want to start their your. I hall sean straight win. I mean i don't fuck. I hate picking ryan hall fights. We did something like stack quota on ring or honoring side on. Espn made today where he is now. Tied for the most finishes or knockouts most knockouts in ufc midway history. So and i would have never guessed because what are you. Counting the chris wiedeman one. Yeah two are like just injuries. Yes come then. People were folded so yeah like he is now tied with like anderson so all right which he stopped him so congrats.

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