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They're gonNA die like both those movies. Researchers authors storm on the mountain in. He's standing on a cliff like like a stone acting like his dead Here's billy crystal are good movies. They are from all right so what about I don't want I don't make you guys go. took off the rails here but I've always been a big fan of carnage. Where does that come into play in the films that ever GonNa Happen? Yeah Yeah they're saying that's what they're leading to the whole next Benhamou he's Thac cletus cassidy is is the after shot that at the. He's the after seeing credit and Benham. So cleese cassidy is carnage whenever we see what he does in the prison. That's who is in. Yeah Okay Komo's please. Castle kill the eventually the carnage of. You'll get to hold on to so only thing I ever knew about car which was playing video game massimo garbage which was great. Sure Genesis game. Yeah Yeah Zone. Super Nintendo feels awesome accepting Mike man except that it was really good character. Put a movie and it's just you know I I get that. It's probably for the best. They have happened and yet but lots of steps to get there. I mean that was such a massive crossover for some odd reason but it did terrible. Maximum carnage the great at the same time because it led into the clone saga. I loved in the video game afterwards. I don't necessarily connected connected but played that game for years. Didn't yeah but like the Doing Video Games for a comic book. Crossover normal thing like like I remember reading the the end of an issue spiderman like he gets thrown across the city inning is thrown into a like a lake or something comes at a lake. And he's like Oh my gosh I just got my Bell Rung Anyway. comes out like somebody grabs his hand polls. He's like he's like. Oh thanks for like any legitimate captain. America's like Zecchini some help just like Captainsamerica brought into the Spiderman. I mean I've doing the same universe. Obviously but it was just like this is a big deal. The captain America needs to come help you out. It's like wow now spider-man's like spiderman always kind of hands on ordeals up until that point it was no out of a massive like other hero cross up besides cross. Here's Johnny Johnny from Fan and has default. He didn't really have a lot of crossover with other heroes yet. Your team ups. All the time whole series called Muslim team mm-hmm of crossovers two different things as far as like stories. This is one of the first. He's back I love this point. That was basically Bagai because carnage was just so bad us an actual villain right wasn't able with spider man to defeat him. And technically originally you Carnage venoms offspring. Symbian son. He's the off spring carnage split and we the basic kids for the most part but maximum carnage. It was when he created his own offspring meeting the worse. Yeah as a thing. It was a pretty big thing would happen to the point. I think the correct me. If I'm wrong I might be maginness and this might be one of the What's the The thing that we are about all the time the two different universes the universe Mandela affect. To- right wasn't there a life and death of Superman video the game. The Super Nintendo put out. Oh Man I think it was a devastating game. Remember you coming back after which the black suit. I don't greet greet him. Or what. System was on things devastate men game but other than that I guess the only time Nieves had other Games which might or might not directly based off a current ongoing leg by memory. No me there have been plenty since then back in the eighty two SEGA into no. I don't remember any others. Were based off a particular event. He got X.. We'd ever get a secret wars. We need says we did have an of injuries game. WHO's isn't interesting? It was like a particular story story. Line the death and return Superman. SNES February two thousand twelve. What is that a release atmosphere fever? That means that means when the video's release gets uploaded on Youtube that doesn't mean a video game that came out for sale on Amazon for the the cheap price of forty dollars but yeah it was a super Nintendo game owning animas. So there you go so there was a game so as far as video games go maximum carnage and death. Superman are the only two like Comic Book Actual Book crossovers. That happens toiling games. Yeah which is pretty cool with me that that that shows is a massive. It was as far as that. Oh yeah as far as things hill and all the extra meals and spread out at care too is we will handle them so so do periodically. Though he's using here to show up. We have never had other bird spotting scream as comic series right. Now as the anti-venom ref relatively new end even as newer I don't actually still alive. He's white white in war him. After the left him he went to mack. Gordon says all time whenever venom was not and he broke though we really tell the difference was when they drew him with Thieves Scorpion tail. You knew it was Matt Gorgan. Otherwise he looked exactly the same because both of our big is so well. I you know I didn't mind Tom. Hardy Venom but took Greece seventy seven spiderman. Alain email to wear them might have been even worse than stouffer Greece. I didn't I didn't mind to grace's that like if they would like Hannah ran up the but the school but I did love of Gosh Lamb Salmon. The SANDMAN Thomas Agent Thomas in Churches Salmon. It was really really it. Yeah I did like that can save over wings wings or from ned states wings wings wings was really good so good what do you call What's his name's Hobgoblins Mountain Dew Goblin? Oh alike Eichel. Extreme extreme movie three extreme. So silly Sony did kind of walk away from this whole like Spiderman team with the Marvi versus the massive winner right. I mean for like two seconds pry because of the whole buyout happened with Fox and at the time but they but they are winning the whole thing because they get the character back at this point getting getting there getting like payoff kickoff. A kick out like two of from all the marvel herbal stuff like they're getting the majority of the profit on that and then they still get him to use them whenever universe part that they want as well so it's like the establishing the character here is amazing marvel because of the writing and the money and the backing and marvelous gets just to use them. They don't get much from it. Go as far. There's like money is concerned as far as contractually like I mean really. It's just with Sony Sony. Sony's just getting off pretty much majority majority of the prophets in the majority of the usage will now the Moebius thing too though because like in a trailer they're like brought to you by the studio that gave you Venom End Spiderman income coming in for from home and it's like at least with venom sure but the other two marvel did a lot of that sulfuric taking credit for it exactly so people are going to go see it like oh sweet. That don't know you know I mean we're going to go see it whatever. But it's like they're taking all that credit where for its shares. Hey they didn't. They didn't build that character. No they own the technically. But if you have a ZILLION dollars was Disney. Does our too strong arm. The crap out of Sony Happen I would make that happen. I'd be like caused by I. Sony them eleven billion dollars last year you give them a billion dollars and be like F.. Off I think Lucas Lucas is bigger than Sony. Sure Yeah and they bought Lucas her fourbillion right six billion those four guardless by Spiderman for less wheel batmobiles assigned to let it go so then his is by Sony. Yeah that's the same thing. People are charged William Hirschson things. Like I'm not going to sell you my newspaper because I don't want you to I don't want to be part of your conglomerate Lamamra Cool Wall by the building and all the things you own and then I basically on your newspaper Sake. That's what you do to Sony. Like the end of the day I think Disney soon soon enough good stuff then just do it. I think by the end of it. The most likely the whole idea of being a monopoly would happen especially he bought another coloration like that. You own your own Disney you on Fox Yona Lucas. But you're not -opoly at this this point there's a problem so I'm kind of curious is how they're going to bring in like the suspect. Herman third third. The Third Spiderman movie is as we've talked about on the news craven hunter potentially being furious. You know the the second one On far from home ends with like J Jonah Jameson being like like. PS Peter Parker and killed in the Stereo through the hero in whatever so it's going to be the repercussions from that but he still is part of the MC you but also I think there is bringing him into the fold of they big venom verse basis Sony Side of things. So I kinda like. We're going to turn Sir bridging that stuff which I mean. They do show Michael Keaton as the vulture. Sure and I think he sold sure I would assume he's the vulture I don't know how. How would yeah weird? If he's not he's in the Maurice Trailer so connects cleese vinegar and we Steve Amazing firemen. Well not amazing. Sorry firemen homecoming to Morpheus. Rise Emmy connects next to venom. We don't know yet because it's pretty is very plausible. Adam stays its own thing and this stuff connects to marvel.

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