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Expedite this process. To deliver the more more of these vaccines, tomb or Angelinos who need it sooner. And we're making progress. Earlier this week Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles was opened as a vaccination center. Isis is claiming responsibility for a pair of suicide bombings in Iraq that left more than 30. People dead. Dozens were wounded. Occurred in central Baghdad. This is NPR news live from KQED New Brian what Google is courting more public controversy over its internal crackdown on its artificial intelligence ethics team, KQED Sam Harnett explains. The AI ethics team was established to investigate things like potential bias and image recognition software or search algorithms that Google in December co leader of the team Tim that get, Bruce said she was fired after criticizing Google's hiring practices and technological biases. Google spokespeople say get brew left after a disagreement over a research paper. Now Google is investigating another team member, Margaret Mitchell, and has blocked her access to corporate accounts in a statement, Google Road that they're automated systems Detective Mitchell had quote, expatriated thousands of files and shared them with multiple external accounts. Mitchell has been publicly critical over what happened to our colleague get broom, and she's a member of the new Alphabet Workers Union, which issued a statement of concern. I'm Sam Burnett. KQED news. U. C. Santa Cruz graduate student who participated in the Wildcat strike. The ending higher wages last year isn't so well Police Department in the suit filed last week PhD students, Sabrina Mirazi alleges officer struck her repeatedly with during the strike. Her lawyer, Rachel Letterman, says Shirazi was targeted based on her race. In her immediate vicinity. She was surrounded by white folks, and she was the only person that was treated this way. Letterman says No one else was injured that day, and she wants police to release the names of the officers involved, UC Santa Cruz spokesperson said spokesperson said the university does not believe Cher Aziz account is accurate. But it will address the allegations in the course of the litigation. I'm Brian What? KQED news. Support comes from Bridge Bank division of Western Alliance Bank offering flexible financial solutions to the technology and life sciences communities. Support for KQED comes from a generous gift from Yang Trim, and Maria Manetti shrimp founders of the Manetti Shrimp Museum of Art at U. C. Davis, who believed that all people deserve access to education and culture to enrich a lifetime of exploration and learning. When 83 year old Sergio goes undercover inside a retirement home, he finds himself struggling to balance his assignment and his increasing involvement with the other residents. Watch P O..

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