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Issues yes reissues where takes over the are in it is fantastic is it's a true this is true whore and some of them have been building up the entire time something something that you've been seeing danny struggle with this idea of this demon bear the bear that killed her parents and and this idea and <hes> yeah it's it's it's kind of fucking brutal brutal yeah it is. It's literally the thing that's haunted her. Since we started this and also happens to kind of distracting from all the other stories this becomes fucking problem and if you're not familiar it's if you've seen into the spider's that's his kingpin luxuries kingpin this big black void with the floating head and it's just so expressive in each taking mutants doing that here and also teaming beer is a first time really go full mystical. Eliana is like demonic it. This is all like we're going someplace in x. Men haven't really gone at the same time. We're getting the incoming thing with <hes> <hes> the beginning of hearing about what am i. I'm the failings coming down to yeah yeah. It's that same here seventeen plots at once chris claremont debit all but not always doing a weird way. It's almost like when we talked about how crazy easy <hes> babycare was able to get on red robin because no one was paying attention because it was a subsidiary book. That's kinda. How new mutants was or excellent subsidiary expo michael so let you brought that up because as you go through this and it's hard sometimes to cover is really actually sometimes hard to cover everything that happened in the nubian books because because like there will be like ten different storylines one. I completely forgot around this time. We still yeah you're right. We we warlock. We get these images of warlock coming down to earth from being chased. We get <hes>. We're dealing with the demon bear stuff we get again in early on the economy thrown off because rachel chill richard summer shows up at the door and you see you're actually get this virtual summers being shot at with charles xavier and then shows up at the at the house and you're like with with was that and she just goes away and it never comes. I don't think that ever comes back in the new means book you pick that back up with the x. men books and so this is where like when you're reading this whole thing you get the whole full story of what's happening here but clermont because he's writing all these things concede them in a different books and take it from there and go from there <hes> but yeah you're absolutely right. I can believe forgot that happens with a warlock coming down around this time as well well <hes> and it's <hes> it's a lot and <hes> any almost is she and <hes> yeah they eventually at some point they there's also where more and more of them become aware of <hes>. They have a little demon demon themselves. They have a little a little working with them and <hes> you had this. Yanna herself is kind of like cheese. Having she's learning more about her powers. This is when she started getting her armor that that homer that forms around here of forming up and things like that it's like she's learning how to use her power it at the same time we're going through this but also figuring out that she threw at this point she also takes over limbo becomes a ruler of limbo yet assistant. I mean like you said there's all this happening. If this book meanwhile danny's literally fighting for a life offering day liam spells it goes full weird real fast which plays in the game which is strange things. I'm like oh. This is the perfect idea the perfect marriage again. We're you're not disparaging the pre eighteen. I'm just saying the marriage of writers subject matter artists it stride once bills on board yeah yeah and and it's fantastic and it and it gives me about a to l. Everything just kind of flows the next so you're going to this and you're dealing with this and you're getting danny confronting her fears at least her fears in a bleeding in her conquering during this fear in conquering the demon bear these are the return of repair could appears in consumer you know and so that also coincided with her when she's conquer this fear her going and they don't. They don't really call it <unk> out. I don't think but you see the way she uses her powers going from here her powerful way more under control as you can do way better thing with her powers. After this point danny yeah username sykes gone barrage now <hes> <hes> mhm like as citizens doug and warlick joined the team and we now have got other problems use condom kids con con saying <hes> who who who is introducing soleil. There's other. We're going all the way today. Let's talk about david so i haven't watched the show yet me either but i able to this. Show ins even told her yeah yeah yeah. I've watched the gifted so we watch the gifted so mayby i think same same same same show runner so i fully believe that it's good and it does it does yes this character because <hes> characters in saint. We're talking about david hallier and like comedy powerful yeah ridiculous.

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