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Medicaid, Federal Trade Commission, Kaiser Family Foundation discussed on WCBM Programming


Homes can't touch your stimulus check even if you're on Medicaid and so people who are living in nursing upset yes so you got a check in the stimulus because of the curve in nineteen the Chinese Communist Party virus and but you're in a nursing home where you live it is an assisted living facility well guess what you get to keep that coronavirus stimulus check even if you are on Medicaid **** thing I didn't know that yeah but some facilities are telling residents on Medicaid that they have to turn over their stimulus money and that's according to the Federal Trade Commission here's why the stimulus payments are tax credits tax credits don't affect eligibility for Medicaid and other benefits programs and they aren't counted as a resource that you have to use to pay for those benefits said that stimulus check if you're in a nursing home or even on Medicaid you get to keep that money that is your money doesn't go to the nursing home Medicaid covers about sixty two percent of nursing home residents and that's according to the Kaiser family foundation you know the Kaiser Medicare Kaiser Medicaid and the most most nursing facilities well we got to take a break point where judges run on we got a lot to talk about today you've been listening to save retirement solutions radio we're gonna be right back this W. C. B. M. traffic check is sponsored by integrity staffing we still are experiencing the closure here on the southbound side of Jeff acts with the police activity in fact we've got the closure here causing traffic to come to a crawl after Maryland Avenue down toward Saint Paul St and if you're traveling around the district losing volume along Eutaw street in both directions between west Camden and mulberry also west Pratt street eastbound backed up headed towards Howard street this area of south paca street dealing with stop and go traffic northbound between Camden street and west Baltimore street now on I..

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