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And now those teams work together. So there's a couple of different problems here that are being solved. One is evaluating the site. Seems like there's some technology that can be applied there. What do we have where the content gaps to figuring out all right. Well here's what we're missing now. What's the topic and keywords. We run a write about in three. How do we evaluate the actual content for performance. Those are tasks that can be done manually. Painfully talked to me about you where the technology is today through those three phases evaluation research and production. I mean you're saying jones story market. It's right there so we'll speedy begin about a minute ago was age level analysis. Because it's what most people are so comfortable with is the most mature in product management. Call it a mature workflow. It's the end of the road though. It's updating existing page a. Why is because the seo's of the world were only allowed to touch content during their seo. Edit or post publish optimization what i like to do is drag it back earlier. It's because we're not jesse osan being relegated to only having that value on most mature organizations. They need to influence. What happens before you even decide what you're going to write about so that research in that planning our position on and so to do that you have to both understand the topic and understand who you are. Today you've gotta analyze your entire site analyze everything you're performing for any david get your hands on but also eventually looking at competitors looking at competitive landscapes entertaining. Maybe what they're renting for because we go barking. We have to do it so that it works with the site that doesn't even exist. You is a site implanting or it can work with the largest sites in the world so it's about who you are today. Who do you wanna be. So i would say you can bring your own topics. Bya okay bring your own keyword lists. I can throw it in. And we'll tell you where you have authority where you have a competitive advantage where you had gaps. How much content you need to write. And by the way all of this is automated. I can analyze your site. Tell you where you have authority. Tell you how much competitive advantage. How much constant you need to write all with the understanding that when you write that content it had better be great and then we take that to the next year where we're looking at building out. Ideal minimum viable outlines that content. So we build out comprehensive content briefs for writing teams that gives you a guardrail or guide rails for a possible outline questions dancer topics to include subheadings to consider internal and external lincoln recommendations. And what we can say is as long as you cover that at least and maybe you do more. Because you're looks at that. They don't have to do the painful research and how to do the keyword research the seo the writing expert the you know the right or the subject matter expert and the editorial leader all on the same page. You're not going to have a feedback loop that says. Oh you forgot this section because we all got line before you even put pen to pay them. We've got a line with that single source of truth so we've done his both taking the research. The gap analysis content inventory process given people ways that they can prioritize what to write or what to update and then the next day's helping them build outlines quicker and get on the same page. And then like you said taking it to that final part where you're starting to write. There's lots of artificial intelligence or machine learning focused on understanding and interpreting your rankings. There's also a lot of tools that are meant to help you with the content production process. I've seen everywhere from while you're writing. Here's what your score is which dictates how your content should rank in a vacuum. I've seen you know the post evaluation. Here's the content. I'm evaluating. Here's how you should modify the sort of post production type tools and even seen ads intestine as platforms but that are basically like. Why would you write it. The machines will write it for you. What are the tools that actually work and please tell me that. The machines aren't starting to write content for us. Oh the means. Machines are absolutely starting to write for us. So that's all right. I'm buying my bunker. Degeneration wars are on right now open. Ai created. i've been working on natural language generation for many years. We have a product in market. That's better than open which is always great to say it's better than gt three. Who knows what else they're going to build. Google has amazing language models as well but the reason why these things are good. Some of them are general models. Some of them are not edge a lot details but basically you can train language models to write and tune to write really really well now and it's only gonna get better but the key there is it's the same as sourcing it through like a content at work when you receive that draft tax is still have to make sure that you wanna put your name on it or your businesses name on if it's a low quality or you're doing something on max that's going to be problematic. You're gonna run in the major major problems not only with liability. But there's other problems. I'm not gonna tell everybody all the other problems because i've gone through them and i know definitely what they are solve them but really yeah it is and what we find is the teams that look at those types of solutions outlined generation draft examples. If they look at those things as ways to amplify their expertise and ways to give them to speed themselves up and still build content of better. We're finding those teams are just crushing. Because they're seeing these things as ways to supplement. Their experts is joke around. My goal at market is one of them. We set the standard for contact. Quality is our tagline. The my job tagline is. I wanna rid the world of bad constant and so one of the things that i'm going to getting rid of the humans. I always future del. fourteen years. The market for ad content is almost dead because of these things is no longer function to write low quality content like get aid for and over time that market goes away and frankly i love the other parts of they eye understanding content understanding a search results gauge understanding concept to give me ideas of ways that i can be distinguished or differentiated. That's where i think the months. I would say like the money is in the red lines because we have an application called compete of looks at my competitors and it cross-references it against the ideal topic model and shows me stuff. Nobody's talking about. That's how i differentiate my page and it's an instant winner for concise with thirty. So i'm always looking for ways to make sure that my teams no that's about differentiation quality comprehensiveness and ensuring that your angle needs favourite intents or at least is one of the candidate.

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