Omar, Saeed, President Trump discussed on Glenn Beck


Took one name she took the Omar name which is not her original name she took the Omar name because she went in which was very common for some all these to do they would come in as a family even though they weren't to family they get some some members of a family this case the Mars and then the Mars would be in a refugee camp in the be like yeah this is our this is our other daughter as well that's how she came in that's how she got the name Omar that's not her real name okay now. her real name. I think is Saeed is about. L. L. O. L. L. newer society I think other states that is that is the father who. now we're say he is the father okay got it got it all all my gosh do I have it yeah you have it okay got all right so. tell me she now or say he is the brother. okay so what yeah elle me was her was Ilan's last name with police yeah I think it's right president Jean. G. yeah that's the reverse right prime is the light yeah right now right okay all right okay no no I this is I this is important all right now is important it is important and I got I got to get out you know I'll tell the story the right way here just a second okay so they take you all the way through it but let me just give you the just the the great tweet that was found at last night buried in all of her tweets this one was posted six sixteen thirteen so in two thousand thirteen Shiro always meant six sixteen that's a that's a summer old it's around father's day. so she wrote happy father's day.

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