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Drive like coach Peterson today UP I okay a Arbor bear in the birds the best boy I guess go get a bird's I'm just job I can able to the twenty four hour traffic center I witness weather now with C. B. S. threes mac either send will have plenty of sunshine on this Thursday afternoon high temperatures today will also be a relatively mild especially for early January standards as we top out of forty nine degrees clouds will increase tonight as rain showers are to develop as well are low sits around forty two and they will round out the short work week tomorrow with cloudy skies and rain showers through the afternoon a high temperature on Friday right around fifty two degrees and then we'll watch another weather system working over the weekend right now cloudy and forty six from the way up to forty nine this check on Wall Street is sponsored by crash proof retirement dot com where you can listen live to the crash proof retirement show every Saturday at eleven AM and Sunday at one PM Dow is up one hundred eighty four points nasdaq climbing seventy five and the S. and P. adding twelve when you need to know we've got you covered depend on KYW newsradio three things to know at two fifteen Philadelphia will pay a multi million dollar settlement to a Philadelphia man who was exonerated after spending twenty four years in prison Australia's wildfires in field one third of the qual of theirs in New South Wales and much of their habitat is destroyed and recapping our top story students return the Franklin learning center today after the school was closed due to a spastic that's all ahead in the next fifteen minutes good afternoon I'm Suzanne Monaghan Dan mica is at the editor's desk the city of Philadelphia will pay more than four million dollars to settle civil rights claims brought by a man who spent twenty four years behind bars for murder he did not commit it's a story her first on KYW news radio okay what of the community affairs reporter Terry Greg heavy moment for me in aloha flight now in his.

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