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So it was Barscelona in their favorite going into that final this Morris scored so heading into yesterday Tottenham needed a win. That's because they were titled enter in points, and we were all swimming that entered be PSV Barcelona scores on Tottenham early in that game in Barcelona was seven minute Barcelona was not playing their best team messy came off the bench. They had a lot of players playing for the first time, and they had thirteen points going into that. So. Nothing for so Tottenham, an inter where the teams in question who could qualify interplay PSV and again taught him goes behind early to Barcelona. They get a goal in the eighty fifth minutes tied up. But the main thing is here entered show CT all inter how to do is win. If inter wins Tottenham is out. But since they drew to a PS team. He scored very early and thirteen minutes. So it was they were already like plane behind as they game started. Yes. Young Mexican starlet. Her Ving Chucky was on. Oh scored that goal. He's been on fire for VI and ultimately that goal helps taught them get through. Yeah. And Tottenham his thinking PSV a lot on their knees. Thinking thank you do and taught moves on their Taiwain points with inter at the moment, they both have identical record at two two into and. They both have a minus one goal differential. So this team is even as you can possibly get yesterday. We also saw a group c was another group that had some drama again. There was basically two groups out drama, but PSV or excuse me G they went into the game yesterday. If with a win they would secure their spot, but Liverpool Napoli was the main storyline is the winner would move on. However Liverpool needed to win this game. Either one nil four they needed to win by two goals if Napoli scored so they were in a precarious position. They were at home PS, gee, played Redstar. So everybody kind of knew that would have their way with them in the other scores for those games. Yes. PS, gee, I will do that. Because they destroyed Redstone four to one and they scored in the ninth minute that I happened and they neymar scored in the forty minute everyone was over. So that kind of game when Anna hand early and then they scored two unnecessary goals. Well, actually one unnecessary on the ninety third. Minute. That was just like adding fuel to the fire unecessarily Liverpool in Napoli was the game though that game on. Everybody's mind. Liverpool gets the win. But man, was it. Nervy late Napoli has a point blank shot belt six or seven yards out and the goal keeper Alison Liverpool just saves the day the save of the season. It would have been a massive massive failure. If Liverpool would have been knocked out. But Napoli is a good team. We have to be honest like Liverpool was a favourite win that game. But Napoli's, no pushover. You gotta look at the comparisons. And shots on goal are just shot in general twenty one shots for Liverpool. Four on goal and HR for Napoli an eight three wrong goal. So all these this was all Liverpool throughout the game. But the good back and forth. Yeah. I mean, just on that stat line is what I meant just road, and they played very well. They could've easily tied or won. This game. Liverpool had fifteen thousand..

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