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Radio. Right. Churchill Downs hit Kentucky. Sean on the other side of the glass, I'm bring you to. You tell me which is the actual force. That raced on Churchill Downs on Sunday. Okay. We ready to play. We know the game. Split the wickets or color me whiskers. The actual force is color me with wrong over one split the wickets. Showed in race for all right? Ready, Ben Horowitz? Let's do it. Ps in the Trat or Queen of peace. Who? I'm gonna go Queen of the correct, correct? Been one has won. All right. Sean back to you. Cutting paper or cutting humor, cutting humor, cutting humor was in Kentucky Derby, Sean has one correct. All right. Ben Horowitz back to you. Ready? Let's go. Soul asylum, or seeking the soul, can you repeat those Alex soul asylum, or seeking the soul? I'll go soul asylum wrong. Seeking the sole showed in Ray seven. So we both have won correct? All right back to you. Sean. Solid wager or tater tot. Tater tot wrong solid wager. Place. Here's the thing. If you know who is coming up with these names for the game. It is glaringly obvious that sawn the thicket Oord came up with tater tot. You should've known that on you never know. All right, Mike konczal, or gray magician. Mike hunt show or gray magician. I'll go gray magician gravy, correct? In the Kentucky to correct Micon show was actually the magic man in Talladega nights. Played by Johns. I didn't know that seem to know. Right. All right. So you have to correct Sean has correct, Sean. Yona or lira? Yona wrongly your was a horse race socks. Wow. How about that? Sean in Sean now is on the max out to correct, Ben Horowitz. Anti apple or lady app. I hope to God, there's not horse name any owl. And if there is I got a ton of jokes. So gimme lady. Correct. Bend guest three, right? It is lady app race. Not. Not. Apple proclaimed Queen of media kit at it. All right. Sean last one coming and goings or Cummings. Coming thing goings on the horse race nine short at one horse today that raise your children. All right. All right. You ready? This is I already hit the over correct? Yes. You have. Okay. You ready ready? Sentinel. Or newspaper of record. I'll go with sentinel wrong wrong wrong. Well, you technically one you got three correct Sean got one correct? So I gave you ten potential horses. That raced all day in coverage at Churchill Downs and only four horse names. Correct. That just goes to show you we don't know what's going on. Where do they get these names from? Yeah. Honesty, and that horse win win win little cocky when you don't win. Yeah. Little cocky, by the way, what name these horses, George. Steve. Tony Anthony, Marcus, Pete the pony. Right. Not even the pony. I wanna look, you know, what you show me. Gary running in the Preakness. I'm betting on Gary how about cool nicknames. Like we used to have in the NFL baseball. I just got with the regular name Philip. I'm gonna take Philip in third..

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