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Upon a time in nascar you could take the schedule from year to year and just change the dates ever so slightly and that's how you ran and it was two races here. Two races here and season was pretty much identical over. The last couple of seasons nascar has made some radical changes. Some of those were brought about by the pandemic and others. Because i think they thought it was time to shake things up and i want to get from our panelists and they can touch on what they liked about this schedule. We're going to do that first. And then we'll ask them what they would add to the schedule. Starving alexis alexis first off given. We're starting the season with the clash at the l a coliseum and we're visiting saint louis those are the biggies. What did you like about this or dislike about schedule. There's not much at all that i dislike about it. I mean i think Just like you mentioned there've been so many years in the past where we just carbon copy You know what the schedule was and go on from year to year now there some intrigue when the schedule is going to be announced it you know for the past. Two years we've had been used added venues taken away venues in the playoffs. That are now no longer in the playoffs and vice versa. And i love that. I think specifically for prn. It's great that we're opening and closing rebook ending our broadcast schedule at las. Vegas motor speedway. That's that's very fun And the l a coliseum. I mean look i try to think about how that's actually going to work in my head and i'm not so sure but i know the powers-that-be and the people that made that decision know how they're going to make it work and i'm sure it's going to be spectacular. I'm very excited to see that. Play out You know in in saint louis is going to be great too i mean. I don't think that there's one thing on the schedule that really. I kind of shook my head at at all putting homestead in the playoffs. I think was fantastic and taking richmond. Outlook just had a richmond race. That wasn't very thrilling at all. So that makes sense to me. Maybe one richmond race. No i didn't really say that. No sorry about that By the way. Brad kelly today is coming to us via remote. And he is brought to you by coca-cola with zero sugar and now even more delicious is the new coca cola zero sugar the best coke ever. You need to find out for yourself. So brad galli the schedule is out. We knew it had been leaked to us a little bit of time overall thoughts. I like it. I think alexis pretty much covered. All of the big changes One of them. That really stood out to me. That probably isn't talked about a lot is what she had just mentioned. Homestead moving back into the playoffs. I think that's a great spot for that particular race track to be. And truthfully i think richmond being a couple of races before the playoffs ended day race might actually make that a much better event as well loved the road courses that we added this year that we're going back them. We actually go to circuit of the americas a little earlier. We go to texas for the all star racing his traditional spot for the all star race before the six hundred and when we go back to texas. That's actually going to be even three weeks before that. And i do think that's a good place on the scoreboard as well and keep in. Mind this coming year. Car only has a half dozen road course races they have dropped the road course at daytona international speedway jeff. I wanna get your take. I off on running the clash at the los angeles coliseum. Well it's real simple when she was asking about how this is in your mind this up to bowman gray you get a pretty good idea. Because i race around a football field up there now. So when they to the coliseum. Which i have been in this coliseum before so i'll laced have an idea that it's a little bit more spacious than it is bowman gray so i think they're going to be making a pretty nice little layout i really do you know. They're they're putting the pavement down. They're not going to put the pavement down till january one again. A racing on february. But the thing is you know. We're getting caught up in and something that we're forgetting. Modern technology allows you to do that. I think now doug. I mean it's not like the old asphalt we have to press pack it down. Let it cure a little bit. They can put enough polymers in it. Some gun you probably could race on the end of the week. If you paid on monday you could race on sunday. One of those things that i like about that not maybe particular to the schedule itself but that race. That has come out recently that they're going to allow anybody who wants to come to come race that race traditionally it has been people You know that had one pole awards or things like that and as we moved on stage winners because we didn't have qualifying anymore but with the new car the next gen car being that being really the first opportunity for these teams to be able to test that out in a real racing environment to be able to open that event up to anybody who wants to come participate which i would assume would be every single person You know that would want to participate in any other race during the year I think that was a really good move. So nascar has basically turned this into an open invitation and everybody will get a shot. So let's be fair. And they'll all get a participation trophy to by the way that's way down in the entry blank. Get trophy brag. Maybe don't i don't know if you do or not. It'd be nice because 'cause people need to feel good about there's only gonna be one trophy. What you guys think about this. Oh doug i'd like to ask brad to me. Open it up might be a necessity because i'm willing to bet you going to be a lot of teams. They're going to be reluctant to go out there. That if they don't have lot of these new cars built they're pretty expensive to go out there and run an exhibition race on a real tight racetrack. First race of the year There may be some people declined for that. Reason is simply the math the economics of it. Yeah you know what with the all star race you have your people who are already in the all star race just like you're gonna have your people who are already qualified for the class itself but you do have that last chance qualifier with the open and all of.

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