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At our keystone store don't forget that we got the weekend punchless coming up all pointers pat has not written his down yet all right up here pick up my daughter jenny is in town for a wedding fishermen jenny fishermen jenny and so i her flight came in at twelve forty five am and it was late oh so i picked her up at one thirty gate gate door for four here's something yes now you pick many people up at the airport when did she have brothers you can sleep through the night say joe we responsibilities we do not drink and drive young oh i see so they've been drinking yeah they're in their twenties to three nine ninety three ninety three we're come all the i saw you laugh coming right back sullivan hardware and gardens forty ninth at penn the meridian kessler home and garden tour is in two weeks weeks id three wibc silly cats got north korea to give back three american presidents obama gave up five individuals all associated with terrorists to get back bowe bergdahl we were doing a prisoner exchange and he was a deserter he wasn't captured he left yet president trump can get three out of north korea without that offering a.

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