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Put the five best guys out there. I think conor mcgovern at this point with collins. I is one of your five best offense alive and i understand. You don't wanna move to different positions. But if you're talking about an all pro right card. A real gamer zack. Martin i right tackle and you put a young khanna mcgovern you know right guard and now you got that offense aligned on this on the right side. There is solidified I feel like a dak prescott affiliate. The offense doesn't really miss a beat in you. Know zach a gamer. I you know i know. He doesn't prefer to be tackled. But he's going to get the job done using. I'm probably do it at a damn near you know pro bowl level. So i if i'm the judge here i kind of agree with tony. But you're impartial here. Because i've already taken aside. Do you agree with tom. You know like hey you know what we're following logic or do you agree with tony because i actually have a different take. Now that i think about it but you I don't disagree with either of them. They all point. You told me. I was the judge i forgot. Who is the judge but the judge has to pick a side. The judge of all right was to pick a side. I'm going to have to say that. For whatever reason this coaching staff decided that they didn't like the match up if they move stuff around. So they stuck in terence seal. So that's kinda where. I'm going here as well. Sorta teeny little degree. Why not kickback are not right. Tackle this weep this week. You have to play joey bosa. You want to adjust things next week when you actually have another day an extra day to prepare for monday night. Football on the philadelphia eagles. Fine a battle of attrition. it's not everything can't be hunky. Dory the ways that zack. Barnes awesome if anybody in the cowboys building has earned the right to demand what they want to do. Zack martin is on their shortlist of people who has however to your point tony. It's a bit of a different circumstance. I personally believe that the cowboys needed to have gone one. In one through these first games they do have a nice stretch coming up after that they got philadelphia. I know people are impressed by them. We'll talk with a little bit ourselves. they've got the panthers who and are cowards. The panthers punted on the jets thirty three yard line. I will never get over this in my life. That happened last sunday and the cowboys are going to blow them out. One hundred and nothing then they get the giants who are the worst offense in the nfl which is not at all surprised if you have watched the last decade of college football And then they get the patriots and we don't know what that is so if we allot tony her kind of plus minus of a game and a half after the chargers game. You have to get this one you have to get to the by it. Four and two after the bye. You'll get lyle collins back you get michael gal back if they keep him out that long. Maybe it comes back earlier. This is an important game. I mean i hear people say that because it's not like there are non important games but you have to get through this and maybe you adjust for this week. Specifically antonio says on the stream steel is not the answer he will get the change. This week i mean one hundred percent you hit you hit the nail on the head with it. I feel the same way about the first two games you know one and one was you know right there. I mean it's one of the things that when you look at the schedule like you said we three to six or three to seven right up until the break the bye week winnable games really winnable games and you know if you come out of tampa bay in los angeles chargers one in one. You feel really good about that knowing what you have coming up You like you said zack. Martin one game right apple. Can you tough it out. You know what i mean and then you're playing joey bosa right and and and we saw what channel jones it against taylor one right you know. He's not a one and you know joey. Bosa might be channel jones level. So i mean. I'm a little nervous and i know zeke's one of the best blocking backs and his his his rushing stats might not be there. But he's going to need to be that that second right tackle in this game. He might have to be there for us tom. Our friend lawyer herash from the land down under in australia says this is to your point specifically one move being better than to moves only makes sense when the overall talent level is comparable mcgovern might be your second best guard on the roster. Who shots kind of wins. If martin won't go. I would rather see williams than steel tom. Your response saint williams over there at right tackle. No no. I think that that's another great point to like if you wanna kick connor williams out. I would say a great point. But i like that option is better. I like that option better personally but i mean it is the same conversation about your best. Five steel isn't even your in your best seven arguably or your six sorry. Excuse me. I mean so. You can't call it your best five with darrin steele on the field but that somebody talked about the fact in social media that this whole fantasy football thing of offense that was michael mccarthy's quote last year to be very clear. Tom mike mccarthy was oh you can't play fantasy football with this step literally kick zack martin to tackle that we sell somebody else's also cited madden As an influence in this in that people think that offensive lineman can just shuffled around and plugged in anywhere and be belt. There's technique in fall. You know having learned left-handed disperse right ending. This and i you know you can't just be be moving people around all the time game after game You want to have stability is probably more important on the offensive line. That is anywhere else on the football team and at the quarterback and i just i still think that you know you wanna get martin into his his natural position at right guard now where he's become so dominant where is arguably the best garden football. Do you want to take the best guard football and put him out. Somewhere else I just. I just look at it a little bit differently..

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