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Of education they make no pretense or, a little pretense of giving power to the local level Finland's. Clydes I exception but in places like Turkey Iran Russia China. These places all have centralized minute ministries. Of education that she no qualms about controlling every aspect of education so, you, secretary of education Arne Duncan a few years ago said we need, to look to China as a model of. Of educational system because they do really, fantastic on standardized, tests they've got something called the cow cow which, is, the college college entrance exam, and it it's effectively. Determined which ten percent of Chinese students will go to college and ninety Eighty percent of. Chinese students won't go to college or at least good kind of colleges it's a very middle structure where. Just a very top are, saved, and, everybody, else is in big trouble and, you know from my perspective the gal cows and awful exam because it. Doesn't respect different kinds of? Intelligence that different skill sets that young, people possess and you know every year when the gal cow the results are announced kids across China commit suicide notion. That we much pressure yeah under pressure, and disappointment and disappointed their families they've lost face in front of their friends and family and so you know it's it's it's crazy It's crazy and you know some you know some people want America to have that kind of system and. I say no, way you know there's certain great, aspects of America and there are things, like freedom and diversity and respecting lots. Of, different types of ways of living, and yeah, I I think that I think the trend to make, American education more like, Chinese, education, is insane Tell, me about your, thoughts about. Trying to game affi- education and turn, everything into a video game yeah so you see this is in line with the, with the general trend to get students on computers for more and more of the day and it starts with kindergarten and one of my, classes at Fordham I have students actually do the. Video games that are being pitched to kindergartners and they're very very simple but one effect is that, you know puts teachers in the in the background and, so in some in some schools, there they, are really pushing the limits of class size because there's. Just one teacher, and just, a large, group of students all staring at ipads so that that's one version of the education thing another is that people want to say that. You can, use, games as a way to measure intelligence and I don't know if you're familiar with this game Night but it's you, know it's it's spreading it's spreading the like wildfire among young people and lots of teachers are saying their. Students can't concentrate in school because all they do is play fortnight outside of school and they talk with their friends about it? And. What it is, is you're drunk you dropped from an airplane and with a lot of other players in the goal is to kill the. Other players and you collect weapons than you devise strategies to kill, other people in the game and they're teaching kids this well so they're they're, not you know, school to. My knowledge is using this but Stanford, just came out with this new report sort of saying any listen you know when, kids play it they learn about angles and they learn about jumping you know when they jump they have to figure out the angle so, I guess you could argue that it's their learning. Math along the way and teachers can harnessed kids interest in fortnight as a way to to learn. About things and they can are you know science or Geography or something, and kids are learning social skills by playing with other kids and point you want to say listen you know school is, is something different than playing video games and. It just reveals the lack of seriousness. From my perspective about the, education conversations we're having in this country if you think if you think fortnight has educational, value you've lost sight of what the value of education is we used to have, a teacher that would love to, run movies, in class, and you, know it ate up seventy five percent, of his his class time when we saw movie, I think he was show, like three, a week out of, a five day schedule I mean he just sat, back and, we watched movies, yeah no yeah I had I had..

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