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Wendy gillette? CBS news. Sportscaster, Warner wolf is facing a felony charge. After police say he damaged a sign outside his Florida community because it included the word plantation, which he considers racist county records show wolf who is eighty one surrendered on Thursday to felony criminal mischief charge and was released. The sheriff's office says wolf long complained about his communities name classics plantation estates began fell off season is not even a week old. But. If you are missing football already, then you are in luck the Super Bowl was so last weekend debuting today the alliance of American football league, and you can get your football fix with it all weekend on CBS air regional coverage of two game Saturday night, the San Diego fleet visiting the San Antonio commanders with the likes of Tiki barber calling the game at the same time. The Atlanta legends are up against the Orlando Apollo's then Sunday, the Memphis express face the Birmingham iron on CBS sports network in the afternoon match. Piper. CBS news twenty year old man already charged in connection with a deadly shooting at Chicago area mall now faces murder and other charges. Thority say Jakhar Williams was indicted by a grand jury on murder attempted murder battery and other charges stemming from the January twenty first shooting at Orleans square mall that left eighteen year old Javan Britain dead. Williams arrest warrant carried a homicide charge. But he initially was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by felon. Police have said Britain was shot in the center of the mall and ran before collapsing outside of clothing store. Now, this message, do you know someone who has been hospitalized or died as a result of an opioid overdose. You're not alone. According to the US department of health and human services over seventy thousand people die each year from over prescribed medication like Oxycontin, hydrocortisone and Heidrick code own. I should say Percocet and Fenton. All that's one person every eight minutes, if a doctor prescribed these or similar drugs to someone you know who has died from an overdose..

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