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Bench. She's married to this four three three. That's not conducive to the elements. He has and well when you give a team enough chances to come back and can grow and confidence. That's going to happen. Your lots of missed chances. This came from mexico hurt. And what's really worrying for me and we just saw on right there. Is that a lot of those. Miss chances fell. Okay your phone as mardi. He's the guy who's supposed to come in and finish and as long as that continues as he continues to miss those chances as this team continues to miss those chances. Don't think for a second that the pressure is not going to build. There was twenty minutes in that second. Half dude was the better team. Were more than twenty. They're far more likely. I think from minutes sixty two minute. Eighty to find a goal before. Mexico's ever going to find the second like played really well or you can say. Mexico played played very very poorly. I am interested that you notice the same thing i noticed. Which was the stadium when they showed that. Bershad of the stadium. Right from midfield. I could not believe how much blue i was seeing. And you gave credit to us other. I wonder if some of that is also a reflection of how fans in this country might be feeling about mexico. That's true in those same pants could be mexican fans who all of a sudden disconnect dishearted with their mexican team in the play and the chant the chant and just in general everything that's going on and also all three games were played in dallas and eighteen thousand the carnival. Maybe they're just tired of pain. The same amount of money to watch mexico do what. They've not been really good at doing lately now. The men's national team to put you on the hot spot. I need you to grade. I know it's going to hurt but give me a great okay fair enough. Let's just put it this way. I may much more critical a much harsher professor. I think over than you are. Oh okay so. They got through a seven points. Two wins and a draw. I'm giving them a d. minus okay a d. minus the lowest possible passing grade. That you can give. Somebody is what. I'll give mexico before i tell you why. Let me just ask you this. do you think initially. I'm being too harsh. Yes i do. I've been you are go ahead. Okay fair enough so one you're number. One player is injured. A significant injury out for a long time. That's a big blow. That's a really bad thing that happened in the group phase for mexico. It also happened her in a tournament. Where the united states decided to send their bt. Here you are you. You've risked yuki lozano season tournament where the us can't even be bothered to send their eighteen. That's concerned number one. Okay number two. We just talked about it. You're not finishing as well as you wanna play in the seventy in the eighty percent possession without goals. It means nothing and it's a problem. The mexican national team has had for a long time. Finally the expectation with this team against this competition. I'm sorry it's three-for-three it's nine points. They drop points. That didn't they did not meet expectations so almost i could fail them just for that just for that but because they win the group and just barely i'll give them. I'll give them the passing grade the d. minus okay. I'm trying to think of anything positive. I will get you what is the. What is the positive like eddie. Gutierrez is playing for shouldn't because he's had one good game in his whole career now is against a twenty nigeria team at the positive that goes to finishing four goals in three games. Three of those goals came as guatemala. Talks about being the better team for twenty minutes. I got nothing to do with me. Let me tell you pay. Three of those goals came against guatemala. Who's only in this tournament. Because of the semester on salazar curse because savvy picchu sal. As surprise team and chris not even here because the covert outbreak. They're not they're okay. But it's the finishing serb. Look at mexico's play. Look at the possession and the amount of opportunities to create opposition against trinidad and tobago zero zero game. Eighty two percent possession thirty shots on goal finishing against guatemala. seventy percent possession. Seventeen shots on goal against that southbound order fifty four percent possession sixteen shots on goal goals. Change games when you don't finish you. Give confidence to these teams like el salvador and a grown confidence. And they can do this to you. This is a team that if they finish. We're talking about the mexico to me. It comes down to finishing okay. I don't need a full explanation for you. But you don't like my d-minus then would you have given mexico for their play in the group phase c plus c plus for everybody then fair enough. Let's compare the two then. United states in mexico as they get ready to head into the quarter-finals. We know they're both into the last eight. We know they're both into the last eight as group winners. Who has bigger problems. Who's got bigger issues who's got bigger worries as we head into the knockout rounds or the gold cup between the us and mexico. The us men's national team now listen dino himself may have bigger worries jobs on the line but in general in play in this tournament by mexico's got eighteen with european stars a.

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