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We know Okuda got all the pub as far as you know the guy in Detroit grabs the number three what can you tell me about or not because I know Prisco like them a lot and I know there is somebody else elected said he's he was the guy that got thrown out more but he's very solid press coverage he really is top physical corner to make tackles not afraid to come up and make a player stick you really did a terrific job I know you mentioned it's unfortunate Jeff could is on the other side yeah Jeff could have been the best quarterback at Ohio state's and Shawn springs and shocks springs also when number three when he was drafted if I'm not mistaken I think he went three or five K. remember now but the reality of it is I think our next to be a great addition you know and get the writer's credit didn't have as much success with the two Gary I'm calling a couple years ago but I think the internet's a better according to Gerry on collie was so I think we'll see some success county got hurt just little little nagging injuries and can never really stay healthy then you wonder if you tried to rush himself back because he knows that Gruden you know he's under pressure because grooms a guy that does not like injured players Katie bring up an excellent point so many times guys they rush back because they're concerned about losing their job you know we said there's a contract that a player has but remember the NFL year to year to year contract yet she may have are signing bonus what have you but there's a finite amount of time you have there the pressure especially from within a coaching staff or what have you really kind of leads players to getting back maybe sooner than they should but Kelly didn't play too poorly in Houston and that's honestly all I thought he played okay thank you played well against the raiders and I had that game and so you know to me when I look at it I think our that's gonna be a good addition for this team I like they got the young kid at wide receiver out of Alabama yeah I like rugs the third ID hears it I mean to me I I mean not only did they did they grab drugs a third which I'll stretch the field but Brian Edwards is one of my favorite receivers in college football he got a little banged up his foot last year but it's South Carolina remember this when he played the floors in the Georges and the band is in the Auburn's in the L. issues this guy was double teamed this guy was that good and he makes plays and he's six three to fifteen I think he I think this guy's going to be a major player if he stays healthy I think in in three four years you're going to say Brian Edwards your pro ball no I agree with you and I I think this kid can have a tremendous impact and that's the thing right you've got to be able to find some guys along the way and you look at the weather to Jimmy Johnson or Chuck knows when you go back to that one draft they had we done shall cover the draft for Pro Bowl so you build a team it's it's not just the first round guys that impacts it's other guys as well and Mike may ought to be the best assessor that I know college football I loved him it and the phone number plate GMC dot happy that he got the job with the raiders I was really ticked off the Mike mac was not on NFL network anymore yeah hi the way he Broadway Adam rank Adam ranks the jokester I love adamant about Mike may I please yeah he was solid though I mean I love listening to him break stuff down and saw him in Gruden you know what they did last year because they kinda shocked people early grabbing Cleveland fair with that first number one pick the number four pick overall and people are like wait I I wait you can't take him now number four but they had the plan and when they grab Josh Jacobs they felt like they had a guy we thought okay because you and I are looking look Damien Harris and Najee Harris was still not backfield with Jacobs and so we didn't know because he wasn't carrying the workman's load that you're used to seeing from a guy you know that may have to shoulder the load there as far as a you know the NFL level you knew you had restored and you know that it's still you needed that power guy they could stay healthy and I was so impressed with Josh Jacobson neighbor like we said got hurt but you know what they got from hunter Renfroe I mean I'm all when I saw hunter Renfroe in hard knocks I go this cube this guy's got it this guy's got a body of of somebody placed it he wakes up he's going to get killed and he is the most durable guy he could take punishment and he's faster than a cat I mean he is welcomed addition and one thing about how to run for us he doesn't drop a freaking thing that that guy I tell you what if you're young wide receiver whether you're in high school wherever and you want to learn how to become successful get a college scholarship maybe from college get to the next level watch hunter Renfroe not always about the route running buddies catches everything with his hands he's the guy at the quarterback looks for on for you know third down for you need that sure play he's the guy and I'll tell you what he's going to be a guy it only continues to get better he may not be a household name around the league but obviously people know from his college football days at Clemson where did the show want to know what it was for the national champion who went to high and so to me do you look at this guy and I think he's going to he's just going to continue to flourish here in the system for the raiders there you go now they also had last year free agency wisely they made a deal they got lamarcus Joyner but he's still there Trayvon Mullen who they got early second round of the Clinton last year really stepped up so looking at him as as well but love little to love quite tasking Max Crosby who they got the fourth round of the.

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