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Like you said he's a natural player when it comes to throwing playing off platform opportunities will arise for him to make great place during a game and you can see that throughout his freshman and sophomore years just at times there were those decisions of trying to do too much and i think as i look at this last year man he just seemed like in such control of managing games of knowing when to take those opportunities and knowing when to just let me live to play another out. You know it's funny because you mentioned his confidence when you working with them on like what does that. What does this confidence level. Like when you're watching practice and then when you watch him perform yeah you know. I get to see him an environment here. During his off seasons. I watch all the games but i don't. I don't get to be around him during the week in preparation for the season. But out here you you get this sense that he just always so willing to push through like. Give me the next challenge. Give me that tough throw. Because even if i don't get it today i'm going to work on it and i'm going to be aware of what i need to do. And when i come back. I'm gonna want to show you that. I can make that throw. That's the thing that i really loved about the way that zach approach things it was just this This excitement for give me that challenging. Throw because he has that confidence of believing that. Hey i think. I can do it. He he's got that little swagger right he's got that little bit of like that line between cocky and confident and i love that and i think anyone that's played in. The nfl knows that like you gotta have that. So i love that are opportunities to work together to be able to push him. Like i push a lot of the pros. Sometimes you get collegiate guys in. They're trying to figure it out..

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