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Welcome to things to do in San Diego. I'm your host Sherri Manelli and today my guests will be my husband Ron Manila. Because we're going to be talking about an area that's really special to me because it's near where we live. It's a little crazy as it's not focused on exactly one town. It's kind of in the middle of several towns Lacoste Southeast Carlsbad Self Vista and West San Marcos is the area that we're covering today and just reminder. I want you to have the best day ever in San Diego County and so to keep keep the authentic neither my guest nor I are ever paid or compensated for any of the places we mentioned on the podcast. There are no sponsors and and I just want to talk about places that we really love and my guests are I are passionate about. So what's the catch. I am setting up a Patriot account. And if you'd like to donate I would so appreciate that because it does take time to do this podcast and if you go to the website I might have affiliate links but those are going to be clearly labeled able or laid out I would only do affiliate links for places that I feel like that product or service is something that I would personally by for for. Today's show you might want to take a look at the map on things to do in San Diego Dot. US to Orient Yourself. This area is North San Diego County. The epicenter honor. Where we're talking about is around Palam Airport Road and melrose which is about five miles? Inland from the ocean I guess if I had to describe grabbed the area I would say it's extremely family oriented as well as dog friendly people love their dogs appear and loved to take him everywhere. It's also very very safe. It's comfortable and beautiful. So who would this not before I would say if you're on the younger side and you're looking to party. Ah You're looking for more action. You'd WanNa go downtown but if you have kids this is really a great location visit and stay. Were about twelve minutes from legal land. It's really family oriented area. So let's talk about where to stay. If you're looking for hotel you can find quite quite a few down Palomar airport road around L. Forte. That'll be about five miles inland but a great place to stay because it's so close to a whole bunch of grocery stores like trader. Joe's stater brothers and sprouts and it's very close to a lot of restaurants and bars and even a few breweries. It's also only about ten minutes from Lego Lance. So if you're looking for something that's a little less crowded. It's definitely a good alternative additive. If you're looking for something very fancy and expensive. The Omni Look Hasta resort is world famous. They have tennis tournaments in golf tournaments. There that are broadcast all over the world. It's right there Lacoste Avenue and Alchemy. `real the rooms will be very expensive. But they've got all sorts of amenities. It's a luxury hotel. The swimming pools with all the water slides are magnificent. There is a lot of boutique. Shopping at La- CASTA resort. There's also the world famous choper center and there's several really great restaurants fronts. There's also the possibility of staying in an AIRBNB. And there's quite a few that are listed on Airbnb site around Lacoste Kosta and South Carlsbad Spurs transportation. In this area. You will always find plenty of parking. It's definitely place is to drive. There's little to no public transportation so if you don't have a car what you can do. Is You can take the coaster train and go. Oh Two points idea station and then take a lifter an uber. What about shopping in Carlsbad? There's not a lot of shopping in the area. I'm about got to talk about with all the restaurants and bars and breweries and whatnot. Most of the shopping you would wanna go towards the one on one highway as you drive down at. There's lots of little boutiques but there is the outlet mall and the Outlet Mall is close to the five and Pelham report road. There are some other small shops around. One of my personal favorites is uptown cheapskate. And you'll find that at we call it the Dove Library abry area. There's a Vaughn's shopping center and that's it Oh Camino real and Osceola parkway there's also quite a bit of shopping at at the forum and the forum is at K. Barcelona and I'll Camino real. That's a pretty big lifestyle l.. I Guess Strip Mall. I don't know what you would call it. The apple store is there the Jimbo's natural food as well as big toy store. Japan does but there's a lot of other Bucci clothing stores as well and then there's La Kosta the Omni lasta resort and there's there's several very fancy places in there to shop. You probably don't expect to find museums in Carlsbad. There's actually quite wait a few cool ones. I'm not GonNa talk about all of them in this episode. Because we have another episode coming up with Whitney where she talks about what to do after Lego land one of the museums that I'm really fond of. And if you have somebody in your family who loves motors news and mechanical things. Then they need to go to the craftsmanship museum. The Craftsmanship Museum is at ten million dollars museum hidden in a Business Business Park. You would never find it unless you knew the exact address. It's not even open all weekend. It's finally open on Saturdays. From nine to one it is absolutely incredible with the miniatures and replicas they have volunteers that are so excited and passionate tonette too great place to go they ask for just a donation. It's definitely worth going and you can spend hours there if you have little. Oh kids I don't know that I would take them because you're not allowed to touch a lot of things and so that might be a problem. Another museum is a Gemmological Institute of America and the Gemmological Institute. It's world famous. There are people that come from all over the world and I'm shocked at how many people in Carlsbad I bet have no idea that it's they're not only that but they have a museum and they have exhibit that come so in order to see the museum and either take like a guided or self guided tour. You have to make reservations in advance because of the high security definitely if you love gems and rocks. It's worth going. They have a huge library. So if there's any kind of research that you're trying to do you can find your answers there as well another place. That's I suppose kind of a museum Liam. I don't know that I would classify it as such is the Leo Korea ranch. If you're into old westerns you might have heard of Pancho from the Cisco Kid Kit from the fifties. Well Leo Correo was Poncho. He had a long acting career and he wanted a working ranch and he would bring his friends. Sometimes Clark Gable. Other famous people would show up at Leo Korea ranch and so now it was given to the city of Carlsbad and they give tours. You can get though sent to give you a tour or you can just wander around another thing that we like to do there. is we like to get an APP for geocaching take go look for things. It's just kinda fun and especially when the kids were little but one thing that you'll notice about. Leo Korea Rant is that there are about forty peacocks. Yes and the peacocks. Are there because they used to have rattlesnakes and they would bring in the peacock's because the peacocks would eat the rattlesnakes it's a fun place to go. Oh you can get them to turn on a ten or fifteen minute movie so you can learn about Lou crews life and they've got a little gift shop. It's just a cute. I think it's twenty seven Acre place to hang out bring a picnic. They've got lots of picnic. Benches parts of it are very picturesque. So you can take some pictures there as well now. You also have to make sure that you check with them and make sure they're open. They do so many weddings and other big events there that they sometimes closed down early early especially on weekends. Talk about coffee houses. I love coffee houses because I like to go there and do my work and hang out and and there's some really nice ones the first one that I would recommend is lacoste. Roasting Lacoste roasting is in that vence and library strip mall. That I talked about earlier. LA- Castro singers right next to uptown cheapskate. which is a great place to go shopping and I love it because not only do they do? They're roasting there. They bring in really nice tease. They've got a nice bit of bakery goods pastries there. You can sit sit inside or outside. It's just a really comfortable place for people. Watching and relaxing got very comfortable furniture outside. It's really nice. I I also like old California coffeehouse and that's in restaurant row so if you go down Pelham our airport road all the way down until it turns into San Marcos Boulevard. So I would say it's probably seven miles from the coast. I Love Old California coffeehouse because it's so o'cl Arctic. They have really good food there. They even have to Lotto to start a great place to sit and have a nice tea or a coffee. And then finally a Pete's coffee I usually don't recommend chains. But what I like about. Pete's coffee is the location. Pete's coffee is right there. At presi ranch Presi ranches off of Gateway Costa Forte off of Palomar Airport road. It's a huge shopping shopping center. Three grocery stores around there many restaurants and many are really excellent and a few bars pete's coffee. She is situated right there next to trader Joe's and next to the park and the park for bracy ranch has a Gazebo Abo- and some fountains. There's a ton of roses but it's just so beautifully maintained it's a nice place to sit there on the patio patio and just people watch and with our nice weather. It's pretty much great year round all right now. It's time to talk about brees bars restaurants food and have ron here. My husband thinks Ron for helping me on this part. Of course all right. Let's talk about wineries because there's some some shockingly good wineries in Carlsbad and San Marcos that you would never guess were here One of my favorites is to plank. which which is just in a tiny industrial park in Vista? It's right off of Sycamore and La Mirada. Excellent wine. They bring it in they bring in the grapes and they do all of the processing for it. Make the wine in house and I think it definitely deserves a shout. Yeah absolutely it's a great quality. Polity wine they they source from all sorts of places and the winemaker really knows what he's doing so it's just great great stuff in a nice nice tasting room there. Yeah the tasting awesome closes at eight but if you get your butt in the doorway before eight you can stay. There's another winery. Leffler Fleur is in San Marcos. Like a uh not too far off San Marcos Boulevard near the LAS Pozas exited gives a highway seventy eight and It's another one really nice. People great wine Industrial Park doesn't doesn't look like much but it's a it's nice. It's good good wine. Good Times yeah and what I like about. Both of these places is that they they have painting nights to plank is going to start having it weekly on Saturday night where you can go paint and have a glass of wine and flora. I'm not sure they're scheduled so take a look at their website website. Let's try not wine or beer twisted horn. Yeah this is. This is a great place They specialize in hard cider and mead. Mead is is wine made with honey instead of grapes. Just really something different especially loved the decider. They do the traditional varieties plus they have a whole bunch of wants at add fruit and spices and all that and they always have something different in the winter. They do mulled CIDER. So it's warm with spices and everything and so great stuff steph. Curry's so we're only going to cover about three of them because in other episodes will probably cover other ones Carlsbad. Brewing is one of the newer places that opened up so immensely popular. We were there only a few weeks after they opened great food. And they're not even they decided not to even have one of those grand openings because they were already too popular. I think it's going to get more and more popular and I also If you WANNA quite dinner at this is not the place to go. It's very loud because it's one huge tall room. Yeah they're really off to a good start and looks like they're gonNA have Quite a large brewing facility..

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