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Brown has it passes it out to the far side and now play back to the back line that we saw this with real monarchs last week. It's just You're tempting fate when you're playing it across your back line, and you have three or four switchbacks bearing down on you is Phillip my aka battles on the near side of the field with Sergio Rivas to try and take away the ball. Revotes will get rid of it only to have it end up on the feet of Sebastian Andersson. Anderson, under some pressure will play back to Sean Melvin inside the 18. Melvin sends it all the way down field and this one looks to be NOPE. Going to say he was going to end up in the arms of tobacco as it did not just shy of him now Sam Hamilton within the midfield. As Roman mentioned, not a spot that we saw Sam Hamilton in when he was here in Colorado Springs is pass goes into the box for Brown knocked away by Sean Melvin and now a whistle here. Problems here for Sean Melvin. And Melvin is could be reading his case that he was in the box when he played that and very clearly, you could say Matt Thompson saying, No, you are not. And this is going to be A bad early break for the switchbacks. Very surprised not to see a card come out already from the referee. Sean Melvin, just going for the Superman punch there right at the edge of the box. Referee. Judging that. Sean Melbourne was out of the box. Looks right on the line looks very unlucky there against Melvin. A difficult one. If the referee was the person who called that, hopefully relying on his assistant This is a great opportunity for New Mexico United difficult to get it up and down and over the wall from this kind of range. They might just try to blasted through, said Wall Looks like it'll be a five man WOL for Colorado Springs and now, some pushing, going on between New Mexico and fill up my AKA As my uncle is trying to get his spot. We don't see a lot of free kicks from 19 or 18.5 yards out, but that's what we're going to get direct on the goal. This joint chiropractic Free kick scoring opportunity. The joint chiropractic, We've got your back. Looks like the switchbacks are going to go with just about everybody in a wall here. Sean Melvin getting guys into position. Seven, man. Yeah. Magic spray is out, too. I use a lot of magic spray to keep that many guys behind the line. So this will be straight on goal. And Brown will take it right into the wall. It's loose in the box. New Mexico strikes blocked by Phillip My aka Now the ball goes out of the box and a long kick well, Out of range of the goal ends up going out so tense moments there from the switchbacks. But Nothing doing there for New Mexico United we remain Goalless here as we get another look. They're at it. They went with Brian Brown, who sent it right into the wall. And I think the play there Roland was just fire it into the wall and see if you got somebody else that can follow it up. Yeah, exactly. See if there was a little bit of a parting of the wall, the switchbacks at a really good job to stay big. Stay strong. It was just too close to get it up and down with any kind of power in that kind of a range. So close to the edge of the 18 yard box. Switchbacks did a good job. They're staying strong right and furnish on Melvin, clearing that one out. Now in the midfield. New Mexico United has it no score. 11 minutes into this contest here at Isotopes Park will not hear their at isotopes. Park Cross goes in cleared out easily by Jimmy Oxford. It will result in a corner kick and let's call this McDevitt law firm Corner Kick McDevitt law firm We are in your corner flag didn't go up there, but Sergio Rivas certainly looked offside. Former Seattle Redhawk. He made his way out to the right hand side. Love the use of the throwback switchbacks logo there at Isotopes Park. Josh Suggs will take this one. No surprise. He has a man close to him, and he'll play it there and then immediately get the pass back along crossing. This is everyone and we'll go out for a goal kick that made for the left foot of Josh Suggs way too much on that second one. Easily seen out by the switch back. Will work from the back here. Sebastian Anderson on the far side passes it up to meet She, Galina Galina turns upfield. Passes this one up to Stephen Echeverria. Ends up going out of play off of New Mexico United Long past from Anderson into Haji Barry and Sebastian was not in the right place. Apparently, he'll go to the right spot. Throw it in this time, it will go back to Michael Edwards, and now we'll have More stopping. And Switchbacks will get a free kick opportunity now apparently. Always played back to Michael Edwards. Sends it to his left for Jimmy Oxford further to the left Now for Matt Mahoney, who plays it over the top going for Phillip, my aka tapped away by New Mexico United, they'll look to work it up the near side of the field. As this one is them. Tapped in by the switchbacks out for a goal kick. Alex Tamba Kiss Will do the honors here coming up on 13 minutes into a scoreless first half. Which is the longest we have waited for a goal in this season series. We've had quick scoring with these two teams in the previous two matchups. Perhaps the byproduct of knowing each other so well as now, Troilus Sane is wanting to get some explanation on something from Matt Thompson. Matt Thompson has been very much a part of the proceedings here early on in this contest. Whatever he said. Troilus scene seems at least mildly okay with it. As now, Tim Back kiss sends this one down field off the goal. Kick touch first with the head of a switchbacks player rolls all the way into the New Mexico and out of play united with the throwing..

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