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Are a vast array of products and services so the pennzoil 400 presented bright jiffy lube is just an outstanding event were glad to be part of it fantastic obviously this is just picking it up a notch chris what does this mean to the las vegas motor speedway for fake alunan thank you gentlemen for for being here today you know we were thrilled earlier this year to be able to announce it while was going to be the sponsor of our monster energy nascar cup series event one of the truly it's a destination but this is a destination city and we believe that the the four hundred in the spring it las vegas motor speedway is a destination of and so we're we're thrilled to have pens or loan is the sponsor now to add jiffy lou as presenting sponsor in such a strong brandon jiffy loop were so excited about that the speedway at las vegas is certainly one if not it is the most diverse racing facility in all of motor sports we're very happy with all the fourteen hundred and fifty event days we have it las vegas motor speedway and then you combine it with las vegas in the city we have we've added just in the past few months we've added the hockey team with the golden knights we've added the wnba we've added ussl soccer we're going to be at others in the nfl and now to have food monster energy nascar cup series weekends to tripleheader weekends we're just thrilled and but the main thing today is pins orleans jiffy loop combining with our speedway we think it's a great match up well and with forty two million visitors coming into this area here we know there's a lot of gear heads near going to be really happy well you know what we're here it seamer right now and there is a way that you guys also out there can get involved maybe you could talk about abedi yeah that's right allen were pretty excited you could tell pinto four hundred presented by live we wanted to have you all have an opportunity.

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