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Started com, fiddling around with KNOBS and buttons. Key! Okay it's GonNa work. My hokey! That microphone just so wow. What microphone is WHO's Jeffers. Here on. Off. You don't hear that. We know is gonNA speak that rovers kind of like the hover the hallway hover now I have to I have to leave it on. There's no. He can't turn it on off out there so anyhow. A sewer cure nick rights your over. It seems like the same people saying covert only killed. One hundred thousand people are saying all lives matter. How weird is that. That is true good point. I think you're right. I actually have a quick question. A lot of people have been no. You cannot get a second monitoring their events already all right. Can I ask another question besides that okay. A lot of people have been saying that they find that the all lives matter that phrase is offensive or things like that. Do you guys consider it to be? A personally I don't but. it's generally used as a rebuttal for black lives. Matter all lives matter. which I don't know how you can argue with that all lives you know I. So now I don't. Particularly find that offensive but again. The people that I'm a white saying IT ARE NOT A. Like the last time I heard somebody saying it was the guy holding a bow and Arrow trying to shoot protesters. That still says last night thought, so it's. Kind of weird people saying. I don't think they actually mean all lives matter I that could mean. My life matters an exception in that same at somewhere. Bridget writes. My name is bridget I'm a longtime listener. This my first time contacting the show. Recently rover over announced he would be putting vintage merchandise on the website. He said that there were some of the blue and orange Hoodie. Dealer was wearing it on the show when he showed his glasses on. Friday on the Friday leftovers, anyways I've been. Diligently checking and have yet to see them up is more stuff to be put up or is anything left? Thank you. I love the shell, but I can't stand doozy and. Dumb needs to stop yelling so much. She's got a few criticisms and critiques there is. All of the stuff is gone so over the weekend. I I'd put stuff up over the weekend and essentially the way that it worked was we would put up. Old hoodies we would put old hoodies up and we'd only have a handful in each size, and we would just leave that item up until it sold out, and then once it sold out, I'd put up the next thing so. A lot of people were actually emailing me. They They were I. Don't know I wouldn't say having fun because it doesn't sound like it's fun, but they were. Enjoying waiting and refreshing the store to see what popped up next and we had a lot of stuff in there. baller eggs ball Reagan Jeffrey Sphinx. Irag sold out real quick. Those hoodies sold out real quick. G Plus track. Jackets sold out real quick. So, we even had some copies of Jeffries first book. Blood in the studio sold out quick. So we went through everything and. We will be getting more merchandise in. Soon. You're going to show us what you did or is that? That coming up I will I'll show you. Can you tell us t-shirt can't tell you anything. That's a Parka I figured. That would be appropriate for June. July. I can't wait. Ryan Writes Rover. You've completely dropped the ball with Jeffries Weiner, you need to get this man to the doctor to get a prescription for ED pills. You could have them tested by taking them at the beginning of the show and then monitoring the progress. Well Jeffrey. I don't know if I want to involve myself. With jeffries prescription medication because. He was on all prescription medication for his. For his blood. Pressure, yeah. Then you WanNa put them on E. D. Medication on top of that. That seems like Ed. That sounds like a great combination. What said exactly mix? Jeffrey. said. Trying to say. No, that's not what we're. No. I think that erectile dysfunction medication does not bode well with a person with high blood pressure, and.

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