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Graduate student, he's pretty good. He averages almost five yards per carry. First down from the 24 yard line. Servant into the backfield next to Justin Fields. Two receivers left one right handed off. The sermon who runs left over the block of his left tackle gets to the 35 to the 40. And that's where he has stopped. See what we're saying. He's a pretty good runner. That's a gain of 16 yards. Yeah, across from the mid hast over the left has to the left numbers for the 16 yard game, and one of the things is well, how's that gets the ball back so they can run the football and run down the clock. You can get a two for one opportunity 7 15 and counting to play here in the first half, Wilson's in motion to the near side. The Olds takes the snap hands the ball off again to sermon sermon over the block of his left guard up to the 45 moves the pile of the 47. That's where forward progress will stop him, even though he goes back a yard or two. That's a game to seven yards. Josh Meyers, the center really pushing the whole pile right there, a seven yard gain after a 16 yard gain. Ohio State's rolling and now everything's available in the playbook. Well, you mentioned before how they've outscored their opponents in the second quarter. It's a measurable fields in trouble breaks away runs right. He's sacked. Take it down at the 44 yard line. It's the third sack of the day for Indiana's defense. That was excellent pursuit all the way around for the Hoosiers because they did not give up from the word go. Yeah. Michael McFadden. Mist Mist Justin fields at first Erin Casey, linebacker for Indiana came and then he left coverage, which is a dangerous thing to do against Justin Fields and solidified the sack. That was a huge play to bring up third down. That's his first sack of the year. It's third down and five the ball back to the 45 yard line. 609 to play first half 14 7, Ohio State. Fields from the gun drops back to pass pressure's coming throws underneath passes complete underneath. He's got a man willing to the near side. It's in get Bob Smith and he's got a first out. Excellent job. Ohio State's offensive line Indiana actually Blitz three linebackers on that play. That's why was open for in Gigaba to come across left to right for Justin Field to hit him for the first down, So they blitz 41% of the time that's dangerous against fields. He hands it off to sermon on first down and sermon gets inside the 45 to the 43 dangerous against Fields, but it has worked today. Yeah, absolutely. It's forced him to throw the ball off balance, but also a player like Justin Fields.

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