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The power to phase out the program Peter say more KTAR news six twenty in time for the Mike Broomhead today on the show we spoke to governor Ducey about how and when Arizona will re open for business here's a little bit of that segment yesterday we were able to give some good news this idea of elective surgery resuming will be up a little bit of a jolt in a positive direction to our economy remember the reason that we stop that we were a month ago all talk about P. P. E. it's an acronym we all know now personal protective equipment gloves gowns masks it's cetera we've acquired enough here in Arizona so if you do have a shoulder surgery or knee surgery that was put off you can reach out your doctor and get that done Mike I want to move forward and get back to where we were as soon as possible but there are things that we have to see all along the way we're looking at symptoms we're looking at cases were looking at hospital capacity today we have that stay at home stay healthy stay connected directive it goes through April thirtieth that's so a week from from the third Thursday we're gonna know a lot more through the remainder of this week and as we can as we've I've talked about is a dimmer switch you know our economy was the brightest academy in the country in January Arizona was a model of economic growth and and momentum that's where I want to get back to an even stronger we do have this public health emergency in front of us we're still seeing contraction of covert we're seeing deaths we want to reduce both of those numbers as best we can can you give us some insight into some of those triggers like what are you and Dr Chris looking at that says okay we're here now let's start with the next phase the next group of businesses we can feel comfortable opening so we're we're looking at the in in in tighter up picture and I try to share some of those charts ones where you could see a trend in terms of covert like illnesses with a downturn that's very positive ones where you could just as C. H. a lot of data but we didn't yet see a trend but if you think of how we want into the pandemic are and the things that were closed out along the way that's likely to me makes the most sense it's also how will come out one step at a time right now our our restaurants are are close but they're providing takeout or or delivery and I always encourage people please take out get delivery if you if you're in a position where you have lost your job be generous with these service workers and I mean I've I've heard you say the same thing but I think that idea of social distancing just like we are right now inside the studio this is something that's going to remain it's going to be on going and will be able to open some of these things we've got great but a restaurant owners they know how to run a business they know how to make these adjustments masks menus business service workers for for for dine in so when we get the after April thirtieth when we get the statistics and data that's will begin brazen that dimmer switch if you like to hear more just be sure you download the KTR app and subscribe to the Mike Broomhead podcast D. A. R. well this is just the end of the KTA our newsroom moments ago the Arizona Cardinals.

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