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Toughest industry standards. All right. You know what else? Give you how many more you want three. Okay. You got it. Well, Lori Loughlin learned last week that her tax returns will be audited by the IRS and insiders that she's being audited for five years on personal income taxes along with three years of Maasim business. The college admission scam featured a donation to the charity. So now, of course, they're opening the book. Yeah. Looking into the donations should've I I've said at once said a million times, I it's a really. Why bother being rich anymore? Like, screw it. I've always said the day you get arrested for bribery. It's off it's not worth it. The best part about Frank Sinatra. Look at goodfellas the greatest part of that life is showing up at the COPA. And it's like we're sold out. Right. This way, shake his hand pull it. That's why you gave rich. That's why those over. Now, you just have a target on your back and Bubba blah, answering somebody's tweet your ridge. And I said listen. I said on Friday, I'm getting on a southwest flight. I'm going to San Francisco to work do four shows. I'm gonna sit next to my office on the southwest flight. And we're gonna share sack of trail mix. I'm not rich. My my wife and kids are rich. I'm not rich, and I'm getting on a south rich going to work, and frankly, it's not even worth it anymore. If you can't bribe people are people snuffed out forgetting the point. Yeah. What's the point? Speaking a target the department of Justice mailed their daughter Jada target letter, and she's become a subject of the operation. Invest the versity blues investigation. So now the kids are getting these target letters, which means not being charged with stuff. But now they're more on the radar..

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