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Are you exceeding your expectations like did you not think that at some point where you'd like. Okay this is just my the story and maybe it won't involve that. I will have done a lot of great things but maybe it won't involve some wins and a nice run in the UFC. Is this in a weird way almost surprising you as well. I don't know if I really had expectations other than my opponents making weight which twice Raleigh sucked. I'm just you know I have my goals and I'm still working towards them but I'm able to look back and be proud of myself I have accomplished does it. Does kind of make you laugh that after all these years people still do do almost judge your book by its cover still. Don't give you the respect the respect that you deserve. It's funny I. I'm reading the underground and read it and comments informs the stuff in you know a lot of people are still like Oh. She's so weakened athletic. And she sucks Blah Blah Blah Blah. Then you know a lot of people people are you know giving me credit for my gross and saying that I looked better in No more strong and I don't know I guess it just depends and I'm just focusing myself and I'm you told us last week that you're you're coach from Japan was in attendance or was going to be in attendance. What did he say to afterwards? After that fight on on that stage was cool. I'm so happy that he was there. WHO's on yeah? He got to go and and he was saying that I inspired him. Everything we've in the past you. Actually he did. Maybe if you're really good he said everything that happened in the past led up to this this moment you know because he was with me when I was winning and then when I wanted my losing streak you know. He cornered me in London. Okinawa like all over the place so he was there and he saw that and he said like nothing that you did Roxanne was wasted. Everything added up to this moment. Where I got to see you on this big stage having this and I'm so proud of you that utterly like well yeah I mean? I think that newer fans might not even know not that long ago. You aren't a six fight losing streak I mean you could acquit. You could have walked away. You said I'm done into see you doing this. Now is is is truly an amazing story. Now how do you build off of this right because you've had in the a loss of winnow. How do you go on a streak? Now what do you need to do to actually string a few together. You're just GONNA keep training every day improving everything to my wrestling. Mice Turkey my elbows. How awesome coaches keep getting stronger and hopefully might lose miss? Wait a make way. I really haven't lost the anyone who's made weight in the past several years right. I the freight if anybody in the flyweight division you know. Bring him on. I'll take your veterans I'll take your up and comers I'll take anybody in the world but I'm a hard worker so you know I can. I'll get the job done Damon together. I think I saw you at the official win. You stuck around to see if she would make but she. I think she was the second to last person to show up. Were you getting nervous. I I was getting worse. I really wanted to go eat Vasic man I really WanNa Watch. Make sure she makes wait so then I should say oh there she is so I went over with the fans the fan section and then when when she made way we all cheered voice. I think I saw you off to the side was a different fighting on a connor hunter card like did you feel like the spotlight was greater. Did you feel like it was. It was more intense. I'm not sure really cool to have the spot brought that I had. It was the last night on the ESPN cards. That's pretty cool. And I was very honored like in Media Day. There was a long line of reporters to talk to me. I was like all and excited about that. So yeah I guess they're more hybrid more media from here but that's cool and I'm not I'm not well-versed in this stuff. Can you explain what you were wearing the inspiration behind it the the hair and all that. What does that from was that dragging ballsy? I'm I'm not sure how much detail I should go into. But you know the hairstyle represents my power level okay on the M represents like a more aggressive like killer instinct kind of thing and I had this plan I would like it was a sticker right so I have it in my hand like power up in like a hand on my face and it would be on my face now a show. I like power. The killer instinct. And then Actually dropped the snicker was like trying to like they make it seem cool. Stuck in my head is but it's still it's cool and I still was able to show by worsen my my power level and those of you out there what I'm talking about. Wow so you can't really tell us the full story is this like an insider thing. Whoa I feel like on on the outside of an inside joke here? Not a joke thing. I'm like I'm not cool but is it from a show. Wow why so secretive. Oh you were wearing it really okay. All right well I don't WanNa get you in trouble. We'll leave it at that all right. I'm sorry I just wanted to know I was curious. I wanted to be too by the way they announced this morning. That the viewership on the prelims peaked for your fight. One point nine million viewers were. Were watching that fire. That's pretty amazing. Isn't that incredible. Everything's GonNa Change for you now. You're a superstar or do you know how many fans sent me pictures of their betting tickets that they one hundred dollars on my fight while Lockin. I say your will go. Oh my gosh. You're the best. Did you say anything to to macy. Afterwards Yeah I said I'm sorry actually during the fight I accidentally people during the fight but when she went down I accidentally set it up. I'm sorry but it was more like I have to keep eating. I hated that her leg was injured and she said No. It's okay it's hard the game then we kept punching each other After the fight I said you know you will be champion someday. Believe that is she's talented. She's a hard worker. You got injured but you know I did win the fight. You really did feel bad like in the in the middle of the fight. You're feeling bad about the state of her like. Yeah yeah that's amazing it really is and how did you feel about her taking the microphone before you got to speak mixed feelings. So she she said it was an honor to fight me and cool and then she said she wasn't embarrassed by because it made me shine or something and I was like did teach us this mirror. She just young now the benefit of the doubt. So I don't know I was kind of like whatever I mean. I won the fight and I. I believe that you know. Even if she hadn't been injured her leg would have taken the fight. I was beating her in the first round. Anyway so I don't know I think the intentions were good but but I feel like in that moment. The winner should speak I. Yeah all right to her. But she's young. How quickly do you want to return? I always WANNA fight sooner. So whenever the U. OF C. Deems it goods for me to come in these call again. I'll be ready. I'm I'm uninjured. Just my nose is swollen and who we want new roxy. She calls people allow out. She talks smack venom vitriol. Who Do we want? Anybody will make way lineup. I'll take them down okay. It doesn't matter just make wait. Elbows are waiting for you Roxie. Congratulations so great. And of course we have to fan fantasy off here with the happy warriors signed. I mean this thing is going to be worth a lot of money one day when you go into the UFC hall of fame for all the great things that you are about to do. I'm so proud to have this. So congratulations great. Great to have you on last week and this week how about this back to back appearances for you Roxie. This is amazing. Congratulations on the enjoy. The victory there she is Roxanne modifier giving us the thumbs up corporate chicken here. You got me nervous there. I thought that was the world great win for her are some factoid if you want some twenty four and seventeen three and four and the UFC this courtesy of my good Pal Andrew Davis of Sig Stats and Info Group. ESPN she closed at a plus five fifty. According to these seizures sportsbook the second largest just underdog to cash in the since two thousand eighteen come. A worthy was a plus six fifty when he defeated Davonte Smith a UFC. Two forty one scored the I knocked down against macy. Barbara Outlandish Barbara and total strikes. One twelve to twenty five according to UFC stats and ten. Ground Passes Against Barbara One. The four women women. Excuse me to have ten. Plus ground passes in a fight. Tatyana Suarez did it twice fleas heritage and Rosena Munis. The fight with Barbara was the second second-largest age gap for a women's fight and UFC history. Five thousand seven hundred and sixteen days between them may see Barbara was just five five years old. When Roxanne Montazeri made her debut an absolute legend of the game and nice to see her? Get that victory all right. So that's it's one story that transpired Saturday night and amazing that all those people were watching. Roxanne modifier do that. I spoke actually briefly to macy Brenner. Father yesterday. On on the phone she appeared to be down but try to remain positive. She did the first thing that she said was well. Maybe now my prediction of being the youngest the youngest champion new see history might not come true. I told her that a wise man once said the best laid plans of mice. Men often go awry and this is just the way the career it goes but at the end of the day twenty one years young and having these start to her you of secret that she had pretty darn impressive and so losing to someone like Roxanne is. This is nothing to hangar. Your head down about and she'll be able to return. The layoff is obviously the biggest bummer. The loss would just be the loss and that would be disappointing joining in its own right but now having to go under the knife they haven't decided yet by the way where they will do the surgery and they're being told around nine months or so of recovery. But I do. I do believe leave that the fight should have been stopped. Not so much by the doctor and I don't know I'm not a doctor by the way I don't know how you can tell if it's a partial tear or a full tear. How do you determine that I really have no idea? How do they actually know conductors? Actually tell without doing. I don't know but I will just say if if I were her corner. And she has a very very experienced and respected corner. Duke Rufus Been Aspirin to name a couple. I would've just stopped the fight going into the third they know. Oh she's tough and I respect the fact that they have that opinion I feel like I can have my opinion as well live to fight another day. What if it was a partial tear and then it went to a full tear? What if that happened right? It just made things worse. It did not look like she was going to be able to turn things around. And there's the case we made that. If you kept the fights that I thought was really smart for Roxanne to take the fight to the ground. Because if she was standing essentially on one leg you can still land haymaker if you're on the ground it's very hard to to use your leg which you need leverage to get out of the scrambles to try to get back on on your feet shrimp all that stuff. It's very tough and so to take the fight to the ground..

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