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Seen it nor do I want to say it. But I guess in the first episode she had Hillary Clinton, and they were of course, completely vilifying Donald Trump and all that good stuff. And the guy that made this all happen. It turns out likes to show. His beep. His his thing is his maleness to women who haven't even asked to sit. Les Moonves less Moonves? I've got another story about him too. I got to tell you about I I've never I don't think I've ever shared the story. Let's write his name down. Anyway, he's former executive big shot TV executive. I mean the biggest a big shots. He's the clown responsible for getting Howard Stern a five year million dollar per year. Five I think five and a half million dollar contract way back when anyway that's good for our stern. But anyway. Murphy brown. Who's played by Candice Bergen. That's Charlie Bergens daughter. Charlie and Edgar Bergen you remember that you know, we're we're too young. She at one point when she was a young girl was living with a guy named Terry. Melcher Candice Bergen was living with a guy named Terry. Melcher Terry Melcher, Doris day sun the spec in the hippy days. Now, I'm sure Doris day that that drove her Becker crazy because Doris day was America's wholesome sweetheart. Here's heart. Here's her daughter living in sin with this guy. Terry Melcher at the same time. They're getting knocked out loaded and hanging out with musicians and some of which are the Manson family members. Yeah. Unbeknownst to them at time. I'm sure, but this is all sixty stuff and where I'm going with this says the wrecking crew you've heard me talk about them gazillion times on this radio program. And if you haven't seen the wrecking crew documentary shame on you. It's over on Netflix, very even mildly associated with music. You gotta know about these guys in every song on the six. Pretty much. Well, it could tie player named Gerry Cole who was a member and on a gazillion tunes. At the time. Terry Melcher was set upon by Charles Manson. He wanted a recording contract. Manson ahead murder. Anybody at least anybody knew about and he wanted a recording contract. He thought he was destined to be a star. That may have changed the entire world. Had he been given a recording contract. Anyway, he wanted to record some songs. In the studio with the wrecking crew. So they bring a in and several wrecking crew members have said, they call them the wreck incur the musicians the studio. These are everybody from Carol Kedah Glen Campbell in Russell people like that. Helpline. Anyway, they said this is the craziest person I've ever seen. What is he doing here talking about Manson, they couldn't believe this guy? But it's a session they'll they'll record and they did and they recorded some demo tracks. And that was supposed to be shopped around by Terry Melcher and Manson was convinced he was going to get a huge, huge huge honk and rock and roll contract and be a star in the USA in a Chevrolet and all that good stuff. Well after it was done. Everybody said, this sucks. This is hideous. There's nothing here. There's no way this radio. Anyplace I've got played in L A, or whatever I'm where they were. But. We're we're going with this. And this isn't me making this up. This is Gerry Cole and other wrecking crew members that have mentioned this wrecking crew. Would learn a rather play a song? And they were so good that they a lot of times had to show the song to the people after it was done. Meaning. So when for example, the Buckinghamshire the Buckingham so Susan all that good stuff. Then the monkeys all of it. Then they the musicians would have to take lessons from the from the wrecking crew. So they could go out on the road and play the song. Original. Well, buffalo, Springfield the birds because the guys were so damn good. They could not be emulated until they taught you the song. Let's affect so the guitar lesson. That was supposed to go down. I think it did go down at the the the the mansion whatever the house was where what's call it? The all the the Sharon Tate was hanging out and all those people. Well, they actually they weren't hanging out there yet this this. It was lived in by Terry Melcher and Candice Bergen, and it was a party scene. In fact, the beach boys drummer, the beach, boys drummer. Dennis Wilson was so tied into the Manson family that he couldn't get out. Now, he wasn't a member of the Manson family at the spine ranch. He was a member in that Manson was supplying him with an endless supply of hippie chicks to sleep with and a ton of drugs, and he was so whacked out that at times he couldn't even be in studio. That's how gone he was. And he was taken advantage of that all of that sex and drugs and rock and roll. And getting completely messed up. And that's where Manson thought he had an end he was in with the beach, boys. He was going to go on record were they recorded. He was going to use the same us editions. He was going to have Terry Melcher shopped the tunes around and he was going to be a rock and roll star. Dinna workout. Mansion got really really pissed off. And he wanted he wanted revenge. He wanted revenge. He thought he had been completely completely just beep Canada that would be can by Terry Melcher. So he was gonna kill Terry Melcher and Candice Bergen was sort of collateral damage. That's a fact that's borne out by wrecking crew. People who went up to give lessons at this house on the tunes doing and. Melcher and Bergen. I don't know if they got wind of it. But they moved out of the house, and they actually went to. I think England it was England or Italy. They got out I think you will get out of here. Well, guess who moved into the house Roman Polanski insurance tape and all their pals were hanging out there, and that would be J C Brig Abigail folder of the folder coffee. Aris Jason bigshot race driver. Anyway, they were there just partying with people did in the sixties probably much the same thing that Brian Wilson was that house, but the the bottom line is this Manson put out a hit on Meltzer. And I think can't Burgum. But definitely Terry Melcher. And he told his crew when they went there murder everybody in the house that was it, and and they showed up sure enough all of the Manson girls. What texts what's his name? Do do the homework on that Susan Atkins all that. And when they showed up, they they didn't know whether this is Terry Melcher, whether this is jaycee Brig, they just knew that they were going there to kill anything that moved in that house. That's what happened had it not been. Rather JC Brig? Sharon Tate, had Terry Melcher stayed there. You wouldn't have Murphy Brown. There'd be no Murphy Brown because there would have been no Candice Bergen. So a little history for you. They're not that this is there's no punchline to this. I'm just sharing that with you. Because talking about cans Bergen Beck on TV now with Murphy Brown, and that jog my memory. If you want more on this, and you can get it straight from the horse's mouth, which is Gerry Cole. Gerry Cole over on YouTube type in wrecking crew Manson murders, or if you're big on a watch list because you type that in by the way, you're already on a watch list. Yup. You what you can do is you can type in. Wall type and wrecking crew. Gerry cole? And then when it comes up listen to the fascinating. Interview with that, man. It's outstanding. So there you go see what you'll learn by hanging out with me. Now, let's moonville less moon vis. Back in had to be. Well, do I have time to do this. Let's get into it. After the next break. I'm going to tell you with one of my brushes with greatness. This had two dollars and forty cents. I'll get me a Cup of coffee. Listen, a dollar forty nine at Biggby. We'll get a refill. But this is interesting stuff. Real interesting stuff. You almost didn't have me here. So see God has a plan. I'm supposed to be here. I'm not supposed to be a big shot at the house of blues. Which is where we'll get into the whole thing when we come back after the break, if you haven't been to my Facebook page you need to get there. It is Facebook page of the gods. You will not believe it. It is the it's not it's not as I've said before it's done to tell you about my grandchildren Facebook page. No. It's news information post and all that good stuff and a lot of cool music, and one of the one of the post that I stuck up there, which I'm not going.

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