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Already been to Las Vegas motor speedway on this week's show we're gonna get you set up as we get ready to head out to southern California in the Inland Empire and this weekend's auto club four hundred at auto club speedway of southern California we're gonna look back at last year's auto club four hundred with a NASCAR live backtracks we're gonna go face to face with Sunoco rookie of the year driver and California native Tyler Reddick will preview the auto club four hundred with Joey Logano William Byron and others auto club speedway can be a challenging track for crew chiefs as well cliff Daniels who's the crew chief for Jimmy Johnson's going to stop by and he'll join us to talk about those challenges of that two mile racetrack speaking of Jimmy Johnson we're gonna have another episode of forty eight stories with Jimmy Johnson and when we go to southern California we always think of Hollywood and the countless movie stars will recently are Dan Hubbard chatted with the stars of Ford versus Ferrari Matt Damon and Christian bale we talk with Dan over the weekend about his experience talking with those actors we'll hear that conversation later in today's show as well we're gonna go beyond the track with NASCAR drivers to talk about the TV shows there binge watching these days we've got this week in NASCAR history and a whole lot more folks we are jammed up in jelly tight on this edition of NASCAR live but first Matt DiBenedetto finished second over the weekend a Las Vegas motor speedway it was his best finish of his entire NASCAR Cup series career he joined woody Kaine on R. M. R. N. out loud podcast this week here's a sampling of that visit Matt DiBenedetto Matt congratulations on a strong start to the season and now while you go back to your roots a little bit yeah thank you that was a good way to start off you know they don't aside the startup your Vegas first got normal rates of the year I guess of that but yeah who is start now go back go back to the whole state so now for you everybody kinda loses track of how big California is when they talk about home state you're from the area called grass valley how close is that the auto club speedway and is it I'm managing very different from that particular area right yeah for sure so I grew up in northern California grass valley was probably about an hour away from the Sacramento area in the foothills of that Sacramento so probably I think so my family usually drives down there it's not about us seven S. shower drive she also pretty far south but I actually have a lot of family that you know live Devon LA so it's still but not a lot of family now so now you live in North Carolina now but a lot of folks talk about the difference between nor cal and socal northern California and southern California how would you describe the difference yeah they're completely different work so you know when when people are like I grew up in California was crazy busy up like do we grow up and not even a smaller town that I live in North Carolina where I sell it but it was pretty the nice area there really really quiet and base it was just at the foot hills there are some very very small town so that's kind of what I've been accustomed to growing up and that's why even move in hickory North Carolina well I owe you live and you know way out there in hickory up like that we have no idea also well that being said how does a kid from grass valley get hooked on racing and how did you make that work what was around your area that got you interested or yeah it's a thing story but so my dad was actually big into baseball nobody in my family was into really raising my dad like cars and stuff but you know I was about the extent of it so we he was passing through the channels on TV test by NASCAR and I made him watch it at that time I was writing a you know I had a four Wheeler in a dirt bike and I was worn by drinking every single day and out of that so clearly they are like okay or this fashion or you like to go back yet made him watch NASCAR every single week yeah well my mom and my dad was like what the heck you want to watch out for the same art thing we watch that every single Sunday and then yeah they became trapped the use just became our our thing a friend I played baseball with on our little league team my dad was like I want that I want to be ceremonies like this by my little Jeff court he likes baseball loves racing and while the kids just so happen to race at that glance speedway where Larson I grew up racing both go out and check it out that's how I got started that was method Benedetto with R. woody Kaine you can hear the M. R. and out loud podcast weekly on MRN dot com and wherever you get your favorite podcasts coming up we'll look back at last year's auto.

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