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All right. I mean, that's the so much to like in this idea. There's there's one there's one piece of. Branding around it that I worry about which is just the right now. Trust fund kids have a really bad rap. You know, this sort of eyeball rolling posted children for how money kind of takes away motivation. So these trust the different. So how do you show people in this proposal? It's not going to do that. If you know, you have limited resources or you're going to face discrimination. There's a narrative debt well the economic returns to investing myself or lower than that of someone else. So I might might as well enjoy my leisure. Of course, there's another narrative as well. So we shouldn't get caught on code up on that, you know, somebody who's poor and going to face discrimination. They also might pursue a resume building strategy the old adage I have to be twice as good as someone else. Now when we say that we never asked at what cost are their health cost associated with that. Now, I haven't answered your question, but coming back to your question if you know you're going to receive. Leave a transfer at a later point in life that only increases the incentive for you to invest in yourself. So that you can better use that trust. Yeah. You're giving people possibilities of lives that they currently cannot imagine having and therefore the motivation to do that I could talk with about. Thank you so much I'm writing now, you're working on this. Thank you. For more TED talks to Ted dot com. Or?

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