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Biden says democracies must stay united against Russia aboard Air Force One national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters what's next for the president He will give a major address tomorrow that will speak to the stakes of this moment the urgency of the challenge that lies ahead what the conflict in Ukraine means for the world And why it is so important that the free world sustained unity and resolve in the face of Russian aggression Ukrainian forces have managed to halt Russia's ground advance on Kyiv but around the capital and in parts of eastern Ukraine fighting is intense And piers Jason in nipro reports on widespread missile strikes Russian missiles struck a military convoy here in nipro early Friday morning the shelling also destroyed two nearby buildings according to the head of the regional government Meanwhile a 130 miles to the north the city of harkey was pounded with more than 200 missile strikes over a 24 hour period The harkey of airport came under attack twice according to local military administration officials the Russians also hit a hospital communications infrastructure and residential buildings shelling continued against the capital Kyiv And the mayor of says aerial attacks on his city are an average killing 40 to 45 people per day He says the death toll is so high that the morgues have run out of space Jason Bowie and PR news nipro Biden announced a new deal with the EU today to supply the block with liquefied natural gas Terry Schultz reports from Brussels its aimed at reducing their dependence on Russia The U.S. EU agreement will bring at least 15 billion m³ of liquefied natural gas or LNG to Europe by the end of this year rising to 50 billion m³ annually by the year 2030 President Biden says while it will take some time for Europe to adapt its supply chains and infrastructure it's worth the investment Eliminated Russian gas will have costs for Europe But it's not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint It's going to put us on a much stronger strategic footing EU commission president Ursula von der leyen noted that the same infrastructure used to deliver LNG can be used in the future to supply hydrogen considered a clean fuel For NPR news I'm cherry scholz in Brussels negotiators from Russia and Ukraine have been talking all week via video conference The lead from Moscow says they're nearing an understanding on secondary issues but there's been limited progress on key political questions Ukraine's president volodymyr zelensky has said talks are moving forward slowly and that any compromise with Russia to end the war would need to be voted upon in a referendum And you're listening to NPR news After a week in the hospital Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas got out today and pierce Nina totenberg has more There is little known about Thomas's condition he was hospitalized last Friday and treated with intravenous antibiotics for what the court press office called an infection There was no further information then or now Indeed the court did not disclose that he had been hospitalized until two days afterwards The night before he was expected to join his colleagues on the bench to hear cases so the speculation is that the one paragraph press release last Sunday Night was meant to head off the natural press inquiries that would have followed his absence from the court's regularly scheduled session which is routinely attended by reporters Nina totenberg NPR news Washington In the aftermath of a powerful storm that dumped record rain on Alabama receding waters have revealed three people died in a submerged vehicle Tuscaloosa police say they believe the SUV became disabled and sank on Tuesday night in an area of the city near a waterway a man and two women died The Rain was part of the same system that spawned deadly tornadoes in New Orleans and in Texas Teachers in Minneapolis have reached a tentative agreement today with the district to end a two week strike ratification votes are planned this weekend with the aim of getting nearly 30,000 students back to school on Monday But in Sacramento California a teacher strike has entered its third day unions representing 2800 teachers have been protesting pay and staffing shortages I'm Amy held in Washington its NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations Other contributors include Dana farber cancer institute.

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