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I'm still feeling the effects once when she. She lost a highly home. So i don't know pre covert oscar favored oscar pre cova. But after he went like he was is symptoms or not a symptomatic. He was on his was in the hospital on like laying on his back. So i don't know. I've no idea it's the odds are closer now. I was always very heavily. Oskar camp but now my and beat the look good had always had like lightning fast hands like even in the ufc dallas kind of his thing. Does she exactly oscar early. Probably but i don't know. I like steven with like steven was saying like vander. You watched it open workout. He clearly his is reflected in his twitch. and everything. we're not there. I don't know about oscar. We didn't get to see that open work with. We'd seen punch pads on his instagram. We haven't seen him in open workout yet still there so i think there's some intrigue there and now now driller has footage you know they. Can you know. Sell the oscar fight with so we'll see it's jake politics a bet and see his youtube his youtube. Also david hey fought on the prelims. Dow is weird. David hay is one of the best heavyweights like last fifteen years. And he fought on the undercard. Did he retire three years ago. I thought i was like i was like. Hey we ever heard that name before as really good. Yeah i my heard his name at all and david. Hey do remember when he do. You know who durch is or is casey. He's a very brash. British heavyweight who walks out of a press conference because he realized at the press conference he was the cullman event. I'm not fighting. And he just laughed. He goes your son out this arena because of me. I don't get paid leaving walked away. David hey braga bottle on his face during a press conference like that's like david hayes about that life is also one of the best is basically like the dan hardy of the boxing world like he was a former boxer. That was very very talented. And then transitioned over to the media. He is phenomenal. David hayes phenomenal at his job. I can't say. I couldn't believe he came at a time and then called tyson fury because they were supposed to like three times it. David aid pulled out of every single one. So you're not gonna get anywhere. It was it was fun watching david. Hejaz do izzo head movements. Hey dude this is fine. I was just watching boxer. Just just use your boxing. That's fun to watch. And he's all. I can't believe i didn't know he was fine until today anyway. That is neither here nor stephen. Any final thoughts on the quote unquote circus. That was trailer. Fight club was trillion legends. Is that what they called. It legends too. I think one versus jason job. Yep you're your and my final thought would be chiller hire better security guards that intervene sooner when idiots start screaming stuff ooh yeah. I don't want to bring that out but yeah if you're there in attendance don't start screaming things during a ten bell salute for the anniversary of nine eleven and it doesn't look great does not look great and then but then all the comments on twitter because i was like still kind of monitoring our twitter. All of them were like. Yeah well. it's florida. How far is florida song. You been to florida so many times. So you're kind of been inaugurated florida. But i'm still shocked by florida when florida florida's itself such life anyway any final thoughts on the circus as bad. We lead the circus circus guests. They give them circus the bad name. So that's so not the best night for driller. Great nefer interesting silva detour but Yeah just they. They're they are not happy promotion that can throw a show like this together. Not the ufc. They're not the of. Ufc day day moved to show from vegas to l. a. in a week and that's just four hours away. I don't think the you have c. Even go across the country. In a week i think the driller just got way too ambitious of what they wanted to do And with the with the circumstances gave him so hopefully there. I wanna stay around. I'm not i'm not. i'm i know hate i. I like different. Looks like they have their own. Look there's shows look different and that's so important to me and tonight show didn't look that way and I'm assuming that's all because the big move so I'll give them. I give him a million so yes. Well they've lasted longer than affliction so they got back on for him anyway. Anyway for jose that stephen..

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