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Claim a survivor benefit in the rec spouse was deceased like three or four years ago and their X. files benefit was so much bigger than their own it is so that they can go any claim that survivor benefits what they missed out on three or four years of survivor benefit payments which were much bigger than their own so I think a lot of this has to do with education right I mean as far as being a you know feeling confident in your decision making process when it comes to filing for social security and really understanding there are many options based on your personal circumstances but I think overall it you have to you have to be educated right I mean it seems like it's a very complex process and that's why what we're gonna have the opportunity to have you at our office for a presentation in the future and if you're listening to the program here this morning on the weekly well for port again I'm being joined by Mister Brian d'arcy who's an expert speaker in the field of social security is the president and CEO of Phil tack a consulting company who specializes in social security claiming strategies and the number to our office if you'd like to call in and and maybe just provide us with your information should you like to attend one of these presentations down the road in the future four one zero three one six fifty three twenty again that's four one zero three one six fifty three twenty and Brian we've got to step out for another break here this morning in the weekly well for for for when we come back I want to talk a little bit about us spousal benefits and how those benefits work so with that we've got to take another break here in the program stay with us we'll.

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