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Ten minutes from now we will have a cross dog he sees in Lake Forest on ESPN one thousand Hey pacey right ABC Hey pacey how are yeah is that a lot of heat going on with an article today you know that you're still out in the woods I'll let you know like I thought the guy who called in and respond to the door what do you mean the den leader rich Campbell article let me say this a look at these these what what did you have a corolla it's in my home it has come Google name for making a reservation there was a big thing with and so nice to meet with the chair can interview me like I was in over my head is the GM don't you think you should have gone to the senior bowl without a few scouts though instead of in Kagyu where were the the ball with the few scouts instead of going incognito will you know Kermit I'm always gonna think we really like what we're building up in here and what we're doing here and I'm gonna leave it at that okay okay face the conference I pacey he's gonna stick to his guns in the Jack of all trades the the articles that the Tribune our website I'm assuming it's in the they still make a hard copy of that too they do have a I do make a hard gossiping it's there too I saw it on Twitter yeah yeah well yes of course a good article by yeah we and rich Campbell did very detail that we we knew a lot about what happened on the bears and about how Ryan pace arrived on Mitchell Tribbett ski but there's some other good stuff in there about the Texans at all Watson was the last one taken but still out of those three but how the Texans were sort of one over by what's in and why the chief's felt compelled.

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