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Welcome to episode thirty two on today's episode. We are in uganda. And we're going from kabali forced to fort portal and then to a key national park which is one of the most ancient forest in all of africa as well as lake boney which we go to visit an ex leper colony. And then we're going to cassisi which is At the foothills of the ruins or a mountain so it's at a packed episode and we'll be covering but four hundred fifty miles taking up to fifteen thousand six hundred and twenty miles on my three thousand mile road trip so over half way in mileage. Okay so to pick up where we left off which was on day two hundred and seven so unless absolutely care about kabali forest so we leave their after are being attacked by a colony of fire ants. Very painful were also added to our bites collection which was quite extensive after the fleas from addresses house in setting islands so we managed to hitch a free ride to for portal. So it's only about an hour or so from come on and we is my friend claire. An i am not clear i ruby. And we've been travelling together. All through uganda and a bit of kenya so probably been together five or six weeks now. So what's we got back into for porno. We managed to find a pickup truck. That was going to send a leaky national park. Which was handy. I stayed with the truck and claire went to get some food supplies because we knew that there was really a campsite. We're going to. There is nothing there really So just sit in this beautiful forest very very green as usual. They loaded that pickup truck to the max probably thirty people on their hin even more annoying the monory my hat. I stork lake for the whole three hour. Drive or very bumpy roads. In between two guys who were just like slime balls making the moves on me and trying to grope me in It was basically three hours of pure health. Like said very bumpy. rides tune. Although let me tell you they did get a few elbows in the guts from me. So yeah gotta do what you gotta do. And this whole drive you're driving through the leaky plateau. Which is it's so beautiful. It's crazy you can't. In general. it was absolutely beautiful country so we finally pull up to this. Campground kept me out of here. Like i said there really wasn't anything there except for small clearing on the side of a hill flatland although there was a like a roof shelter so no walls but just a brief and that's where the campfire was like but there was for english people there which was great and they happen to be. Vso workers in kenya..

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