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A ninety nine at one studios where nancy lyons has world and national headlines fancy thanks lisa president trump is pledging action after students and parents appealed him during now white house listening session yesterday to set politics aside and protect america's school children from the scourge of fun gun violence trump says he will push for tougher background checks raising the minimum age of buyers to 21 and ending the sale of bumps stocks he also offered the suggestion yesterday the teachers and staff should be armed bloomberg's chief washington correspondent kevin to really with more on the moves on school safety the president for the second day in a row will hold eliciting session had that one congress comes back on monday you can expect fully four senator rubio as well as his democratic counterpart senator nelson to introduce legislation this is a very heightened political issue here in washington to say the least senators rubio and nelson both represent florida where the latest school attack took place senator marco rubio took heat last night during a cnn town hall from survivor cameron caskey senator rubio can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra we we are responded by saying he believes in the second amendment and said people buy into his agenda hundreds of people have been killed in a fresh round of violence in syria now russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says moscow will consider supporting a un security council resolution calling for a ceasefire in syria but he says that ceasefire needs to exclude fighters from islamic state and an alqaedalinked group global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries nancy now with were other job stories i'm michael barr foreigners ousted the head of the region where it makes the most money for inappropriate behaviour north american chief raj near left the automaker after an investigation ford says nair engaged in behavior that inconsistent with the companies code of conduct warren buffett comes out with his annual letter to berkshire hathaway shareholder saturday it may contain more clues about the eightysevenyearold billionaire succession plans january buffet named longtime executive jane and greg able as vicechairman that led to speculation that they're the front runners to be virtures next seat eo syrian hospitals are overwhelmed by casualties from the.

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