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Slash join, and Come on board. Dozen. This is the first episode of this show that we've done that Kinda gross me out. Isn't that interesting We have a special. This is a special show. Yeah. To finish out Max van drive. We're doing something a little different and this has been something we have been. Trying to do for some time. I was threatening Sydney with it for quite sometime and she didn't want to do it. and. Then we were about to sit down. We've finally got. Well, let me tell you what it is. I. We are going to sort of. Rate Review Explore, holistically, discuss the two thousand and one seminal film, Osmosis, Jones, and I know you're excited I'm excited to, you shouldn't be but. you should. I mean. You can be the loud but not understood. Yes, and we know that. All as always lately, a very difficult news cycle. We completely understand that we'll be back to our regularly scheduled sovereigns next week. I'm sure. But. We just wanted to give a little break a little oasis for you here. Is, so ACIS Moses. Thank you sitting on a mouthful that feels nice though siblings. Cellar door, osmosis oasis, very pleasant. Sounds. I. Prefer Osmo Waste Disposal Most is away says so. This movie. which in order I I would like to say that in order to do the show since we were going to do this a while ago and then decided we needed to focus on more serious matters. I have now had to see this movie twice. Yes. We were going to do it, and then our nation were was consumed in the fires of protests. and. We thought this is a weird time to do and osmosis episode. So we can do it. That was like a month ago is more than a month ago. It's been a while it's still weird time to do an Osmosis Jones episode, but we kind of figured. You know we've. Once. Americans arrest, we'll watch it again. We'll talk about it because there's gotta be. We have to find space for all of these things in life. Right? We have to find space to speak out about the things that matters, and then I guess, we also have to find space to wash osmosis Jones twice. the second time around forcing your children to watch it with you in the hopes that they would enjoy it. But also understanding why they didn't. Your your boy also did. Take a little trip to dreamland the I highly watched him for the last twenty minutes or so now you know the whole story. I. Know the entire Epic Tale of Osmosis, Jones and drinks by Chris Topher Rock and David Hyde Pierce. That's right. You could absolutely carbon date this movie within a good leg weet to a week and a half just by its cast. Bill. Murray is in it as well and let let me say that could be. Any point in the last forty years I don't usually and I think this might be a symptom of of being a parent. I am usually not excited about watching anything.

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